Regular xbox arcade stick


can anyone recommend me a joystick for regular xbox? i’m tired of pad. i want the precision and quickness of stick. i’m not paying more than $50.00 though.

                                   thank you


50 bucks sticks are destined not to last long.


LOL there was nothing wrong with this post until i saw $50 mentioned :rofl:

You speak as if you’re no stranger to GOOD quality arcade sticks, but if that were the case you’d know theres no way in hell you could score a quality custom for $50.

If you happen to have a decent stick now for another system, i’d look into console adapters out there instead.


If you can find the Hori Fighting Stick EX for cheap or something.
Been gone for super long time, because Xbox is no more.


Like everyone has said $50 won’t get you quality. I’d recommend getting a PS2 stick and an PS2 to Xbox1 converter. The SFAC stick will get you decent Happ (American) knock-off parts for around $60-70. It also has native Xbox1 support.


i appreciate the suggestions.


Maybe a Street Fighter Anniversary stick? I think you can get one for about sixty to eighty dollars used?


Pelican Real Arcade Xbox. The parts weren’t the best but the buttons at least looked cool.


awesome case, decent stick/buttons, easy to mod. my friend had the ps2/xbox/gc version and it was a great stick.