(regular) xbox live cards


where the heck do you get regular xbox live subscription cards.


What do you mean regular … If you mean a Gold subscription, you can get them from most Game Stores, and if not you can upgrade your account using a credit/debit card on the dashboard. That includes a month to month subscription, or 3,6,12 month period.


regular as in xbox 1 not xbox 360… I assume.


Ahhh … I see. I dont think you can get a hold of them anymore then lefty. Unless somebody has a subscription code or two hidden away that they’ve never used. Can you not enter card details into the system and purchase one on there? (I wouldnt know, I never owned an original X-box)

Good luck trying to find one anyway, I would assume that bar Halo 2 Xbox live for the original console would be quite inactive with these cards being discontinued a long time ago.


I always though xbox live was xbox live. You can go to the xbox live website and renew your subscription to whatever service you want to use.