Reivention Sagat tp Chun Li

Hello! Im new as you probably can tell. Ive always been playing as Ryu. Since SSF2 was new me and my friend picked our chars and I chose Ryu and he Ken. When Steet Fighter Alpha 2 came out however I chose Sagat. Dual levels of fire balls, tiger knee, just felt right. SF4 gave me the same feeling but then I saw some good Chun Li action and I just got stuck. Im wondering if there is any hope for a fire ball and tiger knee grinder like my to embrace the sort of charge style that LI has.
Im really looking to reinvent myself after atleasr 12 years of SF playing. Any of you guyd have any tips to take me from noob to deacent- Plox help :smiley:

thats not really a question we can answer, only you can.

I mained Ryu for like 15 years, and right now, im just(as in 4 months ago) discovering that Chun Li is better suited for my play style. It ended up translating to other sf games as well.

Chun Li has a pretty decent learning curve. theres really no “one thing” i can tell you to help you win matches ASAP. Although you can mash with her, you will never, ever beat anyone playing like that, as opposed to Sagat, and some Ryu/Ken players. Chun li has low health and only one mashable move thats very very punishable.

The best advice I can give you is to learn how to use her pokes, understand her anti air game, because you dont have any one goto move. You will go online/to the arcade and get owned a lot for a while as you learn. Once things start to click, youll find her play style is very rewarding.

If youre playing online, judging by what i see many(not all) sagats do, they ignore the fact that footsies exist. they ignore spacing, they dont really poke, they dont really learn the game mechanics. youll never survive as chun like that. you need footsies, you need to be tricky.

Once you feel like you have her moves down, play against people who are good. dont play total scrubs. Youll never get good with her playing ranked mode as a training method.

Thank you very much. I will definently take your advice under concideration. I have one question though, im wondering what footsies are.

lots of info there

This is your first time playing a charge character I take it? Absolute critical thing you want to get used to right off the bat is buffering charge when you’re doing other things. Jumping? Input the jump then immediately move the stick to downback while you’re jumping to get a charge going. Doing a combo into lightning legs? Make sure to keep charging during that. Throwing a fireball? Snap that stick back immediately to start charging another etc.

After that you can learn to piano the legs input. Aside from those two differences it’s just the usual SF fundamentals, same as any other character.

If this is just about her new Ultra being easy to land, save yourself the grief. The frustration won’t be worth it in the long run.

I didnt quite get the ULtra coment but yes this is the first time with a charge character. Changed since I noticed that im really not using either Sagat or Ryu to their full potential since Im not too comfortable shooting projectiles. Figured Chun’s style would be more to my liking and it has been so far, just need to get the moves down, working on footsies and charging and im taking baby steps foward. It’s a nice project

people who plan on switching to her because of that are going to be disappointed because of her learning curve, and the low damage it does.

Agreed, most of us have sweat blood and tears winning matches without an executing Ultras on the fly, anyone picking up Chun Li thinking it’s gonna be an easy ride with her new Ultra has another thing coming, this aint 3rd Strike Chun Li, it actually takes skill to play her in SF4.

The trade is easier Ultra/lower Damage output. I will probably use Kikosho on Non-Fireball characters where I am required to get in close and personal and thats not always easy.

Final quesition for a while, should I get a arcade stick? Are there any good ones for the PS3?

You don’t need a stick, but people will encourage you to use one. I’ve been a pad player since SF2 on Snes. Only yesterday did I get my first stick (Bought the SF4 TE) and it’s a huge change from pad. Will easily take me months to get back to how I was, because even now i’m struggling with some qcf/b movements.

Are there good sticks for the PS3? Yes. The Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition stick is one of the best on the market, coming with Sanwa parts (the same ones used in the arcades) and these parts are extremely durable. The Street Fighter IV Standard Edition stick doesn’t have these, and people will generally tell you that it’s worth changing them to the Sanwa parts as the stock ones don’t last too long (maybe a few months at max)

I’m not a pro when it comes to sticks, but modding them I can do fine. Changing the buttons in the SE isn’t a difficult job, take a look in the Tech Talk section of the forum and there’s loads of threads on the different sticks available as well as guides on how to mod them.

Good luck!

I’ve recently switched from Ryu to Chun Li as well and can vouche for the learning curve. But I managed to get what I wanted out of her, mainly a “reset” in playstyle. She’s also tons of fun to play too. As for the stick, I’ve been playing on one for a few months now and it felt really strange for the first few days. If you do get one, expect to be losing matches due to bad execution for awhile. To be quite honest, even after these few months I still have some minor execution issues but that’s in the details mostly. The payoff is more than worth it though. :slight_smile:

I just orderd one of these:

I hope I didn’t make a fool out of myself, I still have time to cancel the order som im looking for a thumbs up or down :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s a TE. The best on the market right now.

Thank you very much and thank all you guys who have helped out. Im working hard on Chun and im taking in all the advice. It really is a blast and it feels like a completly new game.
Thanks again :smiley:

Welcome and please head on over to the Chun subforum, TONS of good stuff in there.

The chun army grows stronger.


Thank you very much, wish I had gone with Chun from the begining, was thinking about it in SFA2 but never changed up. I just checked out the sub forum and asked for some one on the ps tripple to help me with pointing out my major flaws. I still suck though ^^, but with time I will be better

Ill keep my questions in this thread so i don’t have to spam up the forum. Im getting better with y chun, actually beating my friends now but im still lacking a lot. Can you guys direct me to a place where I can learn the lingo of SF? I see a lot of words and hear them in videos but don’t understand them really. Cross up’s and mixc ups and EX fads and things like that, not knowing the meaning of these things kind of slows down my learning experience. Help please :slight_smile: