Rekka execution

Fei Long - jabs into rekkas
Iori (cvs2) - same thing
Rolento - into rekkas

The motion is simple enough, but after playing SF all these years, I still do not execute these easy combos with a 100% completion rate. My execution has many problems but this example bugs me because it’s supposed to be easy.

I noticed that people have different approaches to this besides mashing. Mashing doesn’t do me much good because sometimes I only get 2 rekkas, 1 rekka, or the preceding normal and no rekka at all (obviously not good for Iori s.fierce xx nothing)

if there is a musical approach that I could use then that would be ideal. Help! I need a 100% consistent way to hit these rekka combos (Iori especially) without mashing.

Mashing is actually detrimental to getting them out. Much like the man Fei Long is meant to reprisent, his Rekka’s really need to come out fluidly. More often than not, people messing up Rekka’s are hitting the punch to early. As weird as this’ll sound, put way more emphasis in your head on tapping your punches rather than the QCF’s. Start it off really slowly, especially with Fei:

Step 1: Do un-combo’d, un-sequenced, first punch Rekka’s.
Step 2: Do the entire rekka chain, but don’t combo any of the hits.
Step 3: Do the entire 3 hit combo fluidly.

That’s how I personally broke it down, by separating each Rekka into it’s own being and approaching it as if all 3 are entirely separate moves. Because really, they are. Once you get the feel for it down, whipping out the rekka chain feels pretty sweet when it connects. If Fei could just cancel out of’s and’s I’d probably main him haha.

I totally feel you haha. Those rekkas still don’t come out consistently for me even with a good amount of practice (granted, he’s not my main).

If only he had an auto-rekka like Abel or something haha. :wink:

Find out the longest you can delay the punches before the chain breaks and use that to stretch out the excecution so you don’t rush it.

Then learn how fast you can do them without pressing too soon, thats how I did it.

I hate Rekkas. You could try what I did when I was faced with them: choose a new character.

On a more serious note, it’s been a while since I’ve thrown out any rekkas, but here is what worked when I tried to learn it (I had about 40% success with them, the other times a DP came out):

If you want to get the first rekka hit out in a combo, practice the normal string on your combo, then attach the first hit of the rekka to it to end the combo. That’s it. Treat the 1st rekka hit like a finisher (like how Ryu combos into Hadouken). Alternatively, you could grab Ryu and actually try those combos into Hadouken. The reason for that would be if your characters don’t have dp’s, using Ryu will deter you from mashing the motions before you try it (because mashing qcf’s will get a shoryuken or super instead of a fireball).

As for the rekkas themselves, I may be wrong but the difference in speeds between SF4, CvS2, and SFA3 are pretty drastic, no? It would be difficult to give you a timing tip that is universal to all three. What I can tell you is that you should be buffering the motion for the next hit while you’re connecting with your current hit (but you probably already knew that). In faster games like SFA3, it’ll probably be akin to spacing out your motions by roughly a 1/4th beat (in musical terms).

Good luck.

Every post in here has been helpful, thanks very much guys!

I’ve only gotten a chance to practice the Fei Long rekkas (I don’t own any systems besides NDS), and after some practicing, I’ve found a good method to get it everytime, while also allowing the delay needed for hit-confirm purposes.

At first, I tried finding the fastest way of doing it, but my execution didn’t have the consistency to reliably find the exact speed. So instead, I went for the slowest way to connect them.

My first error was trying to combo a c.lp into a fierce rekka as fast as possible; I was literally plinking the buttons (lp~hp) because I thought that would be the best way to guarantee that the rekka comes out as a cancel. As it turns out, speed isn’t necessary, and is actually a mistake, as that was probably the major cause of my rekka problems. Doing it that fast was just no good. So I delayed it a bit, as I would a xx hadouken. That fixed that problem.

The next part was getting the 2nd and 3rd rekka to hit. The method I finally found was to press the HP for the 2nd rekka right after I heard the sound of the first rekka hitting. I figure this method wouldn’t work well in noisy environments, so I made sure to practice that method enough to make it muscle memory. Now I have it! The benefit to this method is that it allows you to see whether or not the rekka comboed, making this a hit-confirm combo.

Hopefully I will get a chance to see if this method translates over to Iori in CvS2. Thanks again!