Rekka Theory- Hit confirm training



So with the upcoming changes to the second rekka in AE ver2012, the second rekka in the series will be much more risky to throw on block. At -8 for the lp variation, combined with reduced push back, just about every character in the cast will have some form of punish available. Some characters will get full combos, others pokes, or worse yet momentum halting untechable knockdowns.

Needless to say, hit confirms from the first rekka will be an almost required skill at the intermediate level of play and higher.

The most obvious way to get better at it is to hit training mode, throw the dummy on random block, and have at it. Random block alone is pretty good. The lone problem being that real opponents don’t stand still for long. When you take it to a real match, the skill doesn’t translate 100%.

I thought it would be a good idea to get a list of different training techniques that can be used to sharpen this skill. The goal would be to create different exercises that would make the process second nature. When you play real matches, you dont want to have to think about it too much as it will clog your natural flow and slow your reactions to other things taking place in the match


so one thing ive been using lately in conjunction with random block is finishing the rekka series with a different button depending on block or hit

obviously dummy set to random. on block when i see the blue flash i complete the series with lp. on hit i complete the series with hp.i usually look for 20-30 successful color completions. blue flash, blue button. red flash, red button

i feel like its training my eyes to see the flash before i continue. id like some of you guys to try it out

another thing i do is to train myself to hit a moving target. i take a fast walk character like bison or chun and record the dummy simply walking back and forth to simulate a real opponent playing footsies

to take it a step further i will have the dummy walk back for extended periods of time and then take 2 steps forward, and then back away again. i try to correctly space my first rekka and hit them during that walk forward portion

i’ll post some more of my stuff in a bit


Great idea for a thread. I’ve been trying to just keep away from using the second rekka on block entirely lately in addition to using random block in training mode. It’s going pretty well. I miss some hit confirms still as I tend to stay on the safe side (that is, if I can’t confirm then don’t throw out the 2nd as opposed to going for the frame trap or throwing out the 2nd no matter what) but I’m improving at it. I’d love to hear if anyone has some other exercises.


For me i just look at the health to confirm my rekkas but good idea about the random block llo.


anyone try any of my tips yet? work? not work?

anywho, heres another thing i noticed. my brain picks up on semi patterns in random block. like if i go 2 or 3 times where the first rekka attempt is blocked, and the next one hits, i’ll anticipate the pattern even tho its not there, and i’ll rekka at the wrong time without a confirm

to break that brain pattern, i started to move around randomly between checks. like i’ll whiff 2 or 3 flame kicks or jump back and forth a few times, so that the next time i look at my confirm im looking at it fresh


I think you already mentioned one of the best training methods, if not the best; random block. I don’t get the hit-confirms all the time, but I’m getting more used to it. My advice is throw out your rekkas for a reason. If you throw out a move know what can happen afterwards. I think most cases, the opponent’s either going to get hit or the opponent will block (not going to go into you getting counter-hit). Since you basically know what’s going to happen after you throw out your first rekka, then it’s a lot easier to react and to keep going or to stop.



Everytime you throw a jab rekka, throw it with a purpose. Don’t just “do it”. You won’t be paying attention to the hit confirm.

Doing a jab rekka while focusing on the opponent and buffering the second rekka motion is the best way. If the opponent gets in a stun reel, immediately press fierce. If not, reset za situation.


found a better idea than random motions between confirms

started practicing HK CW, close fierce links in between.

training mode 2 for 1


I actually am a bit weird and use the sound as well as visual also as a hit confirm, I turn my volume right up when I’m playing. If I hear the splash I know it’s all good.


another tip, poking with hp rekka gives you more time to react with a follow up rekka if hit.


i was curious about this tho i know it to be true.

is it because there is more hit stun on hp rekka, or is it because of the longer startup animation?


You have more frames to confirm into second, you can easily hit confirm HP rekka, but I’m pretty sure your at - 8, making it the same as 2 x LP blocked (as of V2012) . That’s if your opponent is paying attention though.


it is -8, but few people actually go for a punish on 1 rekka, unless its clearly terribly spaced


wow if it really is -8 on the 1st blocked LP rekka, its only a matter of time before everyone starts catching on and just basically punishing for free… so basically we got to use it at max tip range and the cr jab xx lp rekka is not a “semi-safe” blockstring anymore?


highland was refering to fierce rekka 1.

light punch rekka 1, is now, and in the future will be -4


oh ok, scared me for a second :). i havent really been keeping up with the updates… i just know fei is getting worse lol


only slightly tho really. if youve been working the hit confirms, you should be fine.


reacting on audio rather than visual confirmation is ideal because our brains process sounds much faster than what we see. 280ms vs 330ms is significant


fohstick is spot-on.

I connect my laptop and tv to my receiver. I can definitely recall practicing hit confirms with my receiver switched to my laptop so I can play regular music from it, and having a harder time hit confirming using just visual cues on the tv screen. Once i put the audio back to hear SF’s sound effects, my hit confirming was much better.