I know, this is a rather stupid thing to make a whole thread on, and I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for it, but for the love of god I cannot get Rekkoha to work most of the time. Yeah, I’m not too good at fighting games in general, I’m working to improve, but still. Every other super I’ve tried, every single one I can pull off without a hitch. Is Rekkoha just really, really anal about it’s input timing, or am I missing something?

I can’t see how you are having trouble considering it’s a very basic input command. If you can do shinku hadouken, you can do rekkoha, and i’m almost sure they have the same input timing.

Not trying it in the air, are you?

That is EXACTLY what I thought, but for some reason it just doesn’t want to happen.

You’re playing Zero before he transferred the Maverick Virus to Sigma so he doesn’t feel like listening to you.

Or something.

I really don’t know, there shouldn’t be any trouble with it; I actually find the input timing (for rekkoha and every other super actually) to be too lenient sometimes.

Rekkoha is basically a Shinkuu Hadouken, so I’m really perplexed as to why you’re not getting it.

…though to be perfectly honestly, Sogenmu’s a better use of your meter anyway.

You know, I kind of agree with you. If for whatever god-forsaken reason Rekkoha is not going to work for me, I might as well use something worth the button input.

Mega crash is more worth the meter. So are your partner’s supers.

Sougenmu only if you want to look really fancy in combos or if you really really need 2 extra projectiles to come out for some reason.
Rekkoha only if you can combo it OTG or DHC into something like Ryu’s level 3.
Dark Hold is pretty cool though.

I’ve found Rekkoha to be FAR more useful than Sougenmu. The only real use I’ve found for Sougenmu is safe DHC switch-outs.

Rekkoha can:

  • Be combo’d off of an assist, granted the damage isn’t quite worth it (Looks snazzy)
  • Be used to punish some supers if thrown out at random/to waste time. (Morrigan’s Finishing Shower, Megaman’s Machine Gun from full screen, etc. We should try to compile a list of what it can punish)
  • Be used to punish predictable assists. Zero cannot be knocked out of it until the beams show up, so if you can anticipate an assist, use it and watch their assist eat 16 Billion damage.
  • Sometimes be used for safe DHC’s
  • Be useful against the giants, particularly PTX40. You know those unblockable rockets and the second wave of rockets from his super? Yeah, those can be destroyed and/or avoided with Rekkoha while doing damage to PTX.
  • Sometimes be useful for tricky DHC’s. For instance, I’m playing Zero and Alex - I use Rekkoha, the enemy jumps over me to avoid the beams and waits until he can punish. Well, if they’re standing too close, I can DHC into Hyper Bomb and make them regret that decision. This takes 4 stocks, but I’d rather spend 4 stocks and get a good amount of damage than eat a nasty combo. Very situational, though.

Among other uses. I’m not saying it’s a a great super by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel that it’s underestimated. I wish I had a reliable way to record things, I would try to compile a video of various uses for it.

Giga Attack is a legit level 1 super. However, it’s potential and usage are situational and it is also assist-dependent.

Giga Attack excels mid screen, because each beam is its own hitbox, and when it strikes, it sends you into the next one, also bringing you up higher and higher, and as we know, the higher you are, the more damage you take.

It’s solid for doing un-megacrashable combos and doing an average amount of damage at the cost of an assist and 1 meter, which isn’t a lot to spend because you’re constantly building meter. As long as you have enough for a mega crash, expanding 1 meter to do un-escapable damage isn’t too bad. Especially since opponents don’t get meter when being hit.

It’s also useful for punishing supers and laggy attacks, just like Dark Hold, but costs less meter and isnt hurt by damage scaling like Dark Hold is.

It serves for safe switch outs with DHC, and with the right partner, you can make use of the GOTGDHC glitch and do some nasty damage for 2 meters, while switching out, and keeping red life.

Don’t discredit Giga Attack. It’s worth using in a bunch of situations. You just have to know when these situations are happening.

So I figured that I’m just not hitting two attack buttons at EXACTLY the same time, which is surprisingly harder than it seems. I decided to just substitute my dash button in place of it. Are there some negative effects of this, or am I okay to keep using this?

Depends on your controller set up.

Rekkoha is best for DHC’s outs since if you switch in your partner just as his fist hits the ground the beams will still appear as the partner performs their super. Also you can use it to combo into other people’s supers as long as the timing/super is fast enough.

Its not really worth it to combo by itself in my opinion, the meter is best used for something else.

If you have an assist character that has a super that moves him/her across the screen, rekkoha will hit with 9 lasers causing 25 billion damage + the damage of the assist super from the VHC. You have to be at the far end of either the left or right screen, so the maximum amount of lasers can hit. Without it, Rekkoha only has 4 or 5 lasers that hit on a non moveable screen. VHC T. Blades Crash Interlude but don’t hit with it. VHC Morrigan’s Valkyrie Turn. VHC Ken’s Eagle Rush super that moves him forward (forgot the name), Polymar’s Drill car super, Yatterman’s Robo Dog super.
Rekkoha can now do as much damage or more than a level 3 with the correct partner. Rekkoha has just got a bit better.

Is there an effective counter to the Rekkoha into a DHC Valkyrie turn trick? I fought a player who used that tactic and I couldn’t effectively block it at all and lost as a result.

I think you have to block it like any other cross over move, the same way you block T. Blade’s Falchion and Ryu’s assist Hadouken. Haven’t tested it yet though.

You can use it to dodge PTX’s rockets, but that’s not really a great idea. PTX will only fire rockets when he has a level 3 super in the wings, so using rekkouha as soon as you see a rocket is opening up for a level 3 or level 1 chainsaw. PTX will take pretty negligable damage from the lasers.

I set the computer to block all for the Morrigan and Zero DHC and VHC. The computer was able to block it. When Zero’s out in play DHC into Morrigans VT, you need 2 levels. When Morrigan is out in play VHC it, you need 3 level’s, but it’s worth it because it does over 20 billion damage (30 billion max damage, Rekkoha usually hits for 23b, VT usually hit’s briefly for 7 billion damage), and it’s a cross over super combination. This works with other characters like T. Blade and Ken, but T. Blade and Ken’s attack must miss. Work’s for Yatterman 1 with his moving robotic dog super. It actually does not work for Polymar.

Also, Rekkoha sends out 10 lasers, (not 9, like I thought before). If all the lasers hit while you use a screen shifting super, it will cause 25 billion damage. That’s more damage than most level 3’s, and it’s easy to hit with it since most people are confused about how to block it. I make sure to use this whenever I’m able to. Work’s good on those people who block and play defensive.

^ that sounds like an awfully risky way to burn meter. You know you could just do a V.air for 1 bar and get more damage?

As soon as an opponent sees the super flash of Morrigan and Zero, they immediately will know to block in the opposite direction…There’s a lot of time to react to that.