Relatively new to fighting games

i had blazblue and i played it a couple times, but i never actually got into playing well.

but iwth the release of mvc3. i wanna change that, I want to learn how to play better,

I made an account on this site just for this purpose to gain information and hopefully learn to be somewhat good at this game.

could anyone add me and teach me how to play well in online and show me the basics?

also i need some good underused character suggestion. or just not overused and seen everywhere (dante)

my PSN is soviet-mudkipz

Congratulations, you just made headway in MVC3. :slight_smile:

Anyway, as far as under used characters go, come join the V. Joe Mile High Club! Everyone gets free God Handjobs!

Learn some bnbs, strategies here:
Viewtiful Joe

This game is still young, so discussing the character there will help you help us help you.

Keep on the lookout for footage of Josh Wong and Flashmetroid’s (tournament players) V. Joe too.

any help here? someone directed me to this forum instead but no one’s posting here …

nvm someone just posted lol

I do know of justin wong from a few street fighter tourney vids i watched when my friend let me borrow super street fighter 4?

are they related?

also i have jill and shuma gorath cuz i thought they seemed interesting and i’m literally putting away all of my gaming time devoted to ff13 and mvc3 for now

for now she hulk seems like a rather interesting character that’s not exactly the most overused crap ever.

Find the characters you like and read their threads in their MVC3 section. Also read the SRK Guide and think about getting the Brady Guide (it’s really good). There’s also the Cross Counter guide.

For videos check out Team Spooky’s channel and Offcast’s channel.

i want to get the strategy guide book but it was sold out

can anyone else help me?