Relaunching with Sim after knockdowns

I would post in the forum for him but that thing hasn’t gotten a single post in like 2 years or some shit

How do you do it? I know I’ve seen it done before sorta like this

df+HP, /\ sjLK sjLP, sjLK sjLP sjMP aduf sjLK sjLP, sjLK sjLP sjMP sjHK (on the day down) sjHK, land, OTG cLK, sMP and then they superjump again and some more shit. that might not be the exact way it works, but you get the general idea. It seems like after the OTG you can’t do a special move, call an assist and you can’t superjump again after the launch.

EDIT: I meant after air combos, woops


You need to pause after the far HK, then do D + Lk to break flying screen - then you can follow up after the 2nd launcher.
It’s on the Sim DVD.