Relearning on a 360 pad

My stick is out of commission for a bit. I was thinking i could try playing on the 360 pad since it seems to be a more viable alternative these days.

It’s tough, tho. Basic things like super jumping and DP’s are not coming naturally, and I’ve simply had to map a trigger for dashing. I’m wondering what is the most common button layout that pad warriors use, and what’s the preference on using analog stick or d-pad?

I’m sure there’s a whole thread dedicated to the subject, but I didn’t find it right away. So if anyone has a link, I’d appreciate it.

I learned on the 360 pad, at first DP’s and down-down was virtually impossible for me. So was L+H hypers. After a while I noticed that there are very few advantages to using a pad, and it’s just not as fun as a stick. Its kinda like going to mw3 after using a mouse and keyboard for my shooters. Fuck pads, they’re for women.

I play on a pad, and I’ve no trouble with DP’s at all. Down-downs are tough, though.

The only changes that I made mapping-wise from the default were shifting L+M+H on the RT to simply L+M, and adding L+M+H+S to my right joystick click button. For a character like Zero where you’ve got to charge the buster with L, tossing that on a trigger (yet retaining it on your X button for other characters) makes things pretty easy.

Yeah that makes sense. And do you use the analog or the d-pad?

I find it easier to super jump with analog, but imprecise for angles, like tri jumps

I use the analog. I can’t imagine trying to use the d-pad, but I know that there are people who use it and are successful with it.

I have no trouble super jumping, for sure. I haven’t taken the time to really learn any tri-jump characters, so that hasn’t been an issue for me.

I use pad and i use the anolog and i play the LMHS like a stick overhand i guess u can call it i put Lb for assist 1 and Lt for assist 2 that way i wouldnt have to map a dash button i can press 2 buttons using the pad like a stick for attack buttons i just have problems doing reverse shoryukens. i dont get how people can play marvel on pad using it the regular way and using the d-pad. i have what u call the player 1 curse for example playing viper on the player 2 side iam way worse cuz of me not being able to properly reverse shoryuken and ive been playing for a long time anyone have any tips?

I use the default layout. And I was against using the pad at first, because I thought it was horrible… but after sticking with it for a bit it turns out the motions are a lot easier to perform. For me, at least, since it has better negative edge as opposed to the analog thingy.

360 d-pad is only acceptable on silver dpad where you can change the style imo. i still prefer analog over dpad myself.

i use close to default buttons - thumbs on analog/buttons, middle finger for triggers. i play charge characters so i hold LT for those chars, and i use RT as a 1 button dash/super/pushblock, LB RB as assists

I use the new silver 360 pad’s d-pad. I set it to + shaped. Own and use a stick, but I prefer pad for mvc3. Buttons are all default except the triggers. LT is light+medium, and RT is light+heavy. If I need to charge busters or what have you LT becomes light. No problems with dp, superjump, trijump, down down, etc.

If you don’t already own a “Transforming D-pad” controller, don’t buy one. The POS might be great for playing arcade games every now and then, but Marvel is just going to make your D-pad pop off.

With that said, I use a strange setup to play pad… havn’t met anyone else that can use it, but ->

Y -> H
X -> M
A -> L
B -> S
LB -> Assist 1
RB -> Assist 2
LT -> L (Zero, Vergil charging)
RT -> L+H (Taskmaster, Vergil supers)

Though if the buttons make sense to you as is, the main thing you’ll want to configure is your triggers to give you a “simple” way to charge and/or dash and/or perform supers. I just did my buttons that way because my brain works better with A being (L)ow/light, X being (M)iddle/medium, and Y being (H)igh/heavy; given that A is the lowest button, X is the natural middle button for the thumb, and Y is the highest button.

Also, some people manage to hold their pad in such a way that they use the D-pad and tap the buttons like they’re using a joystick by using their index and middle finger. To me that just seems overly complicated, but you might want to give that a go. For that matter some people use the analog stick like it’s a joystick, but I couldn’t even begin to explain that one.

If you need to learn to tri-jump, it might take some practice. I can do it just fine on the D-pad. Analog stick… don’t know why anyone would torture themselves such a way lol

It’s been interesting…

At first it felt I felt crippled. I could only perform basic combos and my reactions were slow since I wasn’t used to it. The worst part by far was not being able to move with the spontaniety and freedom that I had with a stick. I play Magneto normally, but at first using him was out of the question. I used keep away or slow derpy characters at first, Nemesis, Wolverine, Haggar. With moderate success. But it wasn’t fun.

But I started getting comfortable with the pad (after my thumbs calloused up), and slowly got myself to a level where I can operate a more agile team. Modified the two triggers to L+M and the M+H. This gave magneto trijump capability, one to cancel into H, and the other to cancel into L.Also usful for Taskmaster’s various Legion Arrows super. But even then I had to map L+H to the right analog stick in place of L+M+H+S. There were too many moments when I needed that super to punish, but was too slow siince I had to rearrange my fingers to press L+H.

It’s still awkward, and I really have to concentrate on performing the SJ manuever with the analog, then focus on letting the dash input register before executing an attack button. It’s not pretty, but I’m consistent with what I can do. Weird, I never noticed that there was a slight pause after performin air dash before you could use an attack… I guess, the timing felt natural on a stick.

Some things are better, and over all my gameplay is more disciplined. But I still feel like my wings have been clipped.

Oh and magnetic blast combos are a mother fucker on my thumbs… such an awkward motion for a fighting game. You know what, the guy who came up with the Magnetic Blast is an asshole.

Yeah, Magnetic Blast is pretty damn retarded. I tried to play Magneto at one point on pad myself. I can tri-jump just fine, but that’s about it.