Release Dates


Hey Udon,

i was just wondering if u guys have a fixed release dates for each issues? or do we have to go to the comic book stores to hunt for it every now-and-then?
Thanks in advance!

I was at T4 (since i live in Toronto), and i noticed that BIG poster of all the characters (the one from the cover of issue #1)! I really like that poster and i was also wondering if that poster is for sale?


I am still waiting for Image to give me a release date for issue 3. All files are submitted and I think we are in cue at the printer right now to get the book on the press. I will post a shipping date here once I get the confirmed day from Image.

The 50 character wrap around cover of #1 will be made into a poster early next year (around March or April), along with a few other surprises…


hey udoneko. will the power foils ever sell out? like how the first covers do or will they always be available for order? I currently don’t have enough money to buy the chun and ken p-foils for #1 and #2 but i really want to get them. thx


Power Foil #1 (Chun Li) and #2 (Ken) are both sold out on distributor’s level. Therefore, whatever is left in stores are what is left for sale.

And got a date from Image - The regular Covers of #3 will ship to stores 11/19. Power Foil should arrive end of month I believe.


wait i thought ken ower foil came out on 10/29? so you mean there is no way to get them once they’re gone?


It is not out in stores yet, but all printed copies has been ordered by retailers that means what is available on the shelves on 10/29 are all that is left.


OO 11/19 I’m definitely there.



issue #4 date plz