Release -> Teleport nonsense

Hopefully this situation sounds familiar. You fully charge hands and when you release Dorm does random teleports for no apparent reason. At first I thought it was just me and I am somehow dropping QCB motions but every Dorm player I’ve ever met has run into this strange predicament. My question is why does this happen?

You either already have a :b: input stored in the very lenient input system, or you’re getting crossed up and it causes one of your :f: inputs to switch over and count as a :b: input before the :qcb:.

It’s been causing me some grief the last couple of days actually lol. Just gotta deal with it and make sure you’re gonna get it out right.

Its so fucking stupid. Its completely ruined matches for me when it teleports instead of liberates.

I thought it was just me lol

The most annoying thing about this game is the teleports / people crossing u under from below u killing your inputs and your flight turns into random S/ your liberation turns into random teleport. It needs to be changed , the opponent for example doing an unsafe teleport should not kill your inputs ,

The only ways I can think of to change that would be to stop move inputs from being side specific, i.e. Pillar would then always be DP facing right (or something), therefore whichever side you’re facing is irrelevant, or they’d have to make the input window ridiculously small in order to get rid of the issue (not even sure they could make it small enough without making the move itself impractical to do with like a 5 frame window lol).

Fucking up their inputs is a legit tactic though, you make it hard to judge for the person in the air where you’ll be when they land, and I’ve managed to make Alioune’s Magneto spend bars accidentally by wave dashing around undernear his flight.

It’s not just me. Thank god.

Yeah it is a legit tactic. One of the guys I plays guesses when I’m gonna teleport sometimes and then does his own teleport with Dante.

I think some of you are misunderstanding the situation. This isn’t a case of someone crossing up and forcing missed inputs but rather a simple QCB motion with full charges causing random teleports.

Then you’re doing the motion too soon after blocking because obviously :b: into :qcb: = :b::d::db:.

If you mash it out during a string the same can happen as well, I’ve been guilty of that myself in the past lol.

Happens to me when using both Dorm and Strange.

OMG, I fuckin hate this, Tryin to liberate some meteors in the air, but I fuckin teleport right above them and die…

I must apologize to my controller, I blamed her many times for those unauthorized teleports…

I just started playing Dorm recently, and this is the one thing that is KILLING me more than anything else. I’ve found buffering into normals will help, like f+h. Also using half circle back motions from forward seem to work well too, but i find this to be slightly inconvenient.

Yeah, I’ve been trying to trade blows with my friend using 2D1C yesterday and they just became teleports which led to Dorm’s death. I was like, WTF INPUTS.

problem is you cant go straight into releasing spells after blocking as Spartan said, so you have to either just leave yourself open for a second or you can do something like superjump to give yourself time for the game to forget that you were holding back.

Do a HCB motion.

god damn this is old

This is old and no one even understands what Brightside is saying. Dorm teleports after he’s fully stocked or you use QCB+H cuz he must be on the ground to release spells.

If you notice, it causes Dorm to teleport straight to the ground regardless of enemy position, which none of other teleports are capable of doing. I use this as a tactic to get to the ground really fast and punish assists with QCB+H xx Chaotic Flame at SJ height or QCB+H with 2D1C stocked to get people off me/surprise attack.

this is wrong I wasn’t referring to this. Most of them know what I’m talking about already.

I think you’re actually the only one who doesn’t get it.