Relectance to play new 2-D fighters?

I have my own reasons, but at the same time I’m still open to new games. Anyway, why is there a reluctance to play new fighters in shoryuken?


The truth…plus they may be different…and they may not have access to these games at all…plus they may not have grown up on these games at all!!!

Cosmetics are important, but hyperfocus on cosmetics can keep you out of touch from good gameplay. Hyper Focus on anything is not good, but it is good to care about how a game looks.

i absolutely refuse to play a fighter with only preteen female characters. no matter how good the game is, i just generally shit on that concept.

Nail, meet hammer. This is the main reason as to why no one plays any of the new fighters. Just look at any SNK fighter. People WILL bring up the graphics theory as soon as they see it. If it doesn’t look as crisp as 3S, people won’t play it. Just look at Arcana Heart. It’s a loli fighter. That’s more than enough to put the people away from it.

Then there’s Guilty Gear. Guilty Gear is a special one when it comes to this situation. People see it, they see anime. So, they immediately think that it’s a game strictly for anime lovers when it’s not. Marvel heads would really enjoy this game if they got into it(i.e. Chaz, who was once a Marvel head). Then there’s the scene that kinda downplays it because it’s really a hit and miss. You can’t deny there are some weirdos that play it, but hell, every fighter has a few characters in their scene that make it different for each scene.

That’s just my take on it. Take this with a grain of salt.

There is? How many new 2-d fighters are there?

If it’s something on PS2 it’s probably because a lot of us don’t have or don’t want to spend the funds on modding our consoles to play all the new fighters. not to mention the cost of buying and importing these games.

If it’s something in the arcade then it’s because arcades are dying and for many people there is no arcade within a reasonable distance. For instance I would love to try out Arcana Heart but I have no idea where I would go to play it.

I disagree, the main reason people including myself stay away from KOF (I’m talking about competitive players here) is because the way it plays. Though, KOF 98 get’s a good amount of play and respect.

Also, I think your exaggerating with the visuals here. Super Turbo is old as hell, yet, it still gets a great amount of play. Alpha 3 looks nice, and has no real scene.

That’s what puts me away from it.

I hear you, I like Guilty Gear even though I do not play it competitvely. But, I hear alot B.S. about the players as if other scene’s are better off. Seriously who thinks playing Video Games competitvely makes you cool?:rofl:

Absolutely true concerning the Guilty Gear games. Even Row got into Guilty Gear after playing it with friends. His Venom is great.

And graphics don’t always get brought up during sales. Look at some of the newer KoF games that went 3D. They still didn’t do as well as the anthology collections or SamShoV. The truth is, fighter really are a niche genre, even among fighter fans. This is partly because casual gamers see combos and get intimidated by the game. They are, in a way, rightfully so. Fighters almost always require lots of memorization, and even fighter fans will often avoid having to start from scratch in a game if they’re already into another one.

Point is, fighters are in a class of ther own. You can’t just play for an hour and figure out the system; you have to learn the system (and all the little tricks involved), the characters and their movesets, the hit boxes, the timing, and advanced tactics to be good. It’s often a heavy undertaking, and many just won’t put forth that much effort for yet another game.

Also, even though it’s not what attracts fighter fans already in the scene, spiffy advertising and gameplay videos can help a lot in attracting a new player.

Edit: Illuminati, the A3 scene was extremely large for some time. The thing that eliminated it was a growing (again) Marvel scene and the newer fighter from Capcom, SF3: Third Strike

I think the big reason. It’s hard to make a fighter that is simple to learn and hard to master, and is original enough to warrant being made.

If you fail at the first one, you can’t attract new players

If you fail at the second one, you won’t keep players- they’ll get bored fast

If you fail at the third one, people will just call you a clone and keep playing the original game.

Crouch cancels killed A3 off. People just got tired of it.

Another thing that keeps people away from playing a fighter is their community. If you’ve got 3 people playing Slash and 15 playing 3S, which game is gonna get the better scene in the long run? Hence, why I’m on and off with Guilty Gear. The scene is not as strong(or anywhere close to me) to keep me in the scene. 3S and Marvel are what dominate NYC’s scene. It’s hard to find other Guilty Gear players because we’re all so fucking far from each other. It’s not even about obtaining a copy at this point because everyone has their ways(which I don’t condone), but I needs more comp.

There’s a ton of reasons as to why people are reluctant to play the newer 2D fighters. Arcana Heart is another example. Texas and NYC are the only two in the ENTIRE North American region to have FULL!. Wanna know how many players are in the NYC AHF scene? Seven, tops.

I forgot to put “anymore” in the sentence.

I’m tired of hearing that claim when most people couldn’t differentiate between CC and CC infinites.

The game looks mediocore at best, but I don’t think Arcana heart represents why people aren’t really palying new 2-D fighter.

Eh, the way I see it, those are excuses people use to not get into them. Capcom has a name, and rides on that years after the decline of arcades, which is the atmosphere that gives birth to fighters. SNK, GG, Arcana were made in Japan, for the Japanese fg scene, and that arcade atmosphere promotes their success. The vast majority of fg players would have to order those games online for console if they wanted to play them, and wouldn’t be able to find any comp once they had them, so there is no motivation to give them a try. I picked up MB because people at my arcade were playing it, and it only cost me a quarter to try it. I wouldn’t have ever played it without that chance to try it. I think if everyone had arcades with a chance to try new fg’s, even the most loli fg could catch on outside of Japan.

Bro, you said he’s emphasizing visuals too much as a reason, and then you flat out go against that by saying the reason you won’t play AH is because of how it looks / it’s characters.

You people have to get over the fact that SF4 is never going to happen, and that Japan has weird ass quirky stupid character designs sometimes, which is why you get shit for characters in AH. I play the game and even I hate (I mean really fucking hate) the designs, but seriously there’s only so far you can hold a grudge against being superficial.

On SRK you get people blaming the GG community for not getting into GG. This isn’t it high school, if you like the game play it and to hell with everyone else, get over that peer pressure / worry of self image shit.

I can’t get anyone to tell me a valid reason not to play MB outside of it’s a loli fighter, when there’s only two freakin ‘loli’ characters in the game.

Ah well, there’s shit like Big Bang Beat and Akatsuki breaking the mold now, so it’s best you jump on the train or end up being left alone at the station.

@ Chibi

Was that directed at me?

No, I said Hyper focus on visuals is not a good thing. of course looks matter, just that too much of something is never good. The game doesn’t grab me, so, why should I play it?

I’m a big anime/manga fan so japanese designs do not bother me, But Arcana Heart. . . I can’t imagine me playing with the female kindergardener with burma’s on or the the grade school girl covered in slime. . .chill. Besides, the gameplay doesn’t grab me.

Visuals are imprtant, if I showed you a game where the character designs consisted of Stick figures and the a white background, but it had great gameplay would you play it competitively?

SF4 may never happen (Though, I wish it did) that doesn’t mean I will play any new game that happens to pass by.

BTW, if that wasn’t directed at me ignore it.

Master Chibi WINS

Mind if I asked when you last played Arcana Heart?

And yeah, if a game made of stick figures had good gameplay I’d play the shit out of it.

Why would I play a game I don’t like?

I sat down and watched a good amount of vids on the game, But I can already tell I wouldn’t like it. Melty Blood is a good game, though I don’t play it. If I had time to burn, no problem.

Sounds like B.S., but whatever man. If you believe Gameplay is the absolute most important thing in a game more power to you.