Reliable DPDT switches?


I was wondering if anyone could recommend a quality DPDT switch or and where they get them from. I have used these from a seller on Amazon and have had to replace 2 out of 4. One didn’t work out of the box and the other 2 started giving me issues a few months after the install. Needless to say, it is a pain having to go back in and replace these. I’m planning on ordering another batch but want to get some feedback before I do. Thanks


the ones i’ve bought from radioshack have been kind of pricey but very solid. i’ve also had bad experiences with amazon/ebay dpdt switches.


Do you have a local electronics store? I’ve found that you can get better quality products and even have them order from their suppliers at no extra cost to you!


Thanks for the help. I don’t even think I have any Radio Shacks around anymore but I’ll find a new spot to get them even if they are a bit more expensive.


The Radio Shack ones have served me exceedingly well. These used to be available on their site, but have only been available at the physical stores for a while now.

The only other one I tried was the CW Industries SW653-ND model, which I got from Digi-Key. The form factor was awesome, but it must have been relatively fragile inside, as it didn’t work after I soldered to it.

There are probably some other decent ones that are more widely available, though. Good luck. Please let us know if you find anything exceptional.


Sorry to necro this thread, but do any Canadians know if there are any places to buy good switches locally? Was considering going to Sayal in Scarborough but I remember their switches not looking much different from the ones I’ve been buying on ebay.