Relius Clover DLC Announeced

#1 - Scan.

Dissapointed, This game already has a Puppeteer. I know I can’t judge yet, but the fact they added relius dissapointed me so. so much.


Controls Ignis
5 Guard Primers
Puppet Gauge.


You should also note that this DLC is not for PS3/ 360 but for BBCS2+ on PS Vita.

-Tha Hindu


It’s almost assured we will get the BBCS2+ DLC + Balance Patch, as with CS2.


Another update to Continuum Shift? Dammit! I’m guessing Relius Clover might be a Carl Clover duplicate. X(


I don’t know. In one picture Ignus was nowhere to be seen. It got me to thinking that maybe his drive summons her, temporarly giving you control over her and use her abilities, or something like that.


You must not be terribly familiar with ASW games. GG/BB dont do boring shit like make characters that are too similar. Compare Ky to Robo Ky, Lambda to Mu, or Sol to Holy Order Sol.

Relius will be a lot different from Carl. Bet on it.

And yeah, as SentinelPilot noted, in some screens there is no “Ignis is this way!” indicator like for carl.

also, BB top 8 at EVO was beyond great


still waiting for jubei


Relius is a big guy so he might not be so dependent on his wife. I’m guessing he’ll play quite different from Carl’s style.
And I’m pretty sure he’ll be DLC for PS3 in the end. After all, ASW seems to be really fond of money from DLC characters.


sigh after the relius clover announcement i don’t find carl interesting anymore ;(
if he came as a DLC i will be happy and sad at the same time coz that means we will be waiting for BB3 for another year or so…


some loketest footage of relius


Seems good so far, like from the looks of it he can take out his puppet and put it away. Unlike Carl.


DAMN! That nigga’s mad Jojo’s.


Hope he is DLC for PS3/360 at some point, I’d take this title more seriously if he did as I loved Relius in the story mode and he looks like dat Jojo’s style.


^Yeah since they’ve set a precedent for themselves by updating Continuum Shift I’d like to see them do the same here but… with all the other additions to the Vita version of this game I don’t see that happening honestly. But at least CS has been stretched out well over a year and some change. Not like Marvel 3 or SSFIV.


I don’t think it’s at all unlikely that they will continue to make characters available as paid DLC and balance changes available as free patches.

They will probably not add any other “new features” to the game - in the same way that they didn’t add Abyss Mode from the 3DS/PSP versions.