This might be a dumb question, but assuming that Guilty Gear XX#Reload is used at Evolution this year, does that mean it will be run on an Xbox? Thanks to anyone who knows.

Hell No! There Is No Such Thing As #r On The Xbox!!

Have you been living under a rock? #R was released on Xbox back in September… I don’t know where you’ve been.

Tisk tisk… poor newb… You’ll learn :sad:

Damn, if it is and I go imma need on adapter.

Import PS2 would be hella sweet, tho. I mean CvS2 was the Japanese Dreamcast version last time so why not?

Reload for PC! It’ll be the most amusing tourney ever :clap:

Hahahaha, you’re fired!! :bgrin:

Yes, I’m so ashamed. I’m just glad I can be in the presence of such an OG as yourself, who is enlightening me with an answer… :rolleyes:

#R it is…


I figured as much, but what will it be played on?

I don’t see how it would be such a bad idea to have #R on the X-Box when it’s literally identical to the ps2 version.

Only problem is adapters. I think we should make a large-scale, organized effort to find the best PS2->X-Box adapters, find a good place to order them, and just tell everybody to get them. I currently need a new one 'cause my old adapter doesn’t work with the Hori Real Arcade Pro.

Hell, once the Evo date is solidified, I’ll get the converters. They’re all very cheap.
Let’s hope #R is alive by then. :[

Considering that the community was pretty much #r and the only reason they didn’t have it was because it was on import ps2, i am fairly sure we will be seeing at least #R on xbox.

umm, when the fuck was the reason “they didn’t have it was because it was on import ps2”

it was some fucking bullshit like “they had already announced it as XX so they didnt want to disappoint the 5 people who wanted to play XX as opposed to the entire community pushing for #R

There were plenty of PS2s with #R there… PLENTY.

Of course there are plenty of ps2s out there with #R.
They’re just either imported or modded. Plenty != all.

Xbox is horrible for #R.

If you ever used a converter, they give a considerable amount of lag time between input and actual command time on the screen.

Some converters even give up to 1+ second lag, and some don’t even work with PS1 sticks or pads.

The only choice is #R on PS2 imo.

I think if anyone is silly enough to use an xbox for their tournaments, he should get the decent converters while he’s at it, since most sticks I’ve seen are ps2. If people want to be cheap, they should use a ps2(which in my point of view also is a better machine then an xbox).

I think that really depends on the converter you use. A buddy of mine just got a converter so he could use his Hori Real Arcade Pro on his Xbox, and I couldn’t notice any lag while using it. On the converse, I’ve heard horror stories from other people who experienced so much lag while using a converter that the games were almost unplayable. It all comes down to the converter.

What brand was the converter? 'cause my current converter, which worked fine with other Hori’s, won’t work with my Hori Real Arcade Pro.

X-Box wouldn’t be a problem if the #R community got off its collective ass, did some research, and just spread the word on which converters are best.