Relocating player leds on a padhack

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for connecting the led ring for an Xbox 360 pad hack the leds mounted along the sides of a clear rim button.

So what you are asking for is possible, I don’t have anything but antidotes for you.

Someone did this monstrous undertaking, where they got a 24m button chopped up and glued back together in such a fashion that you think it was made stock for the purpose (as long as you didn’t look inside). They took the outer part of an arcade button, well 2 of them a clear and a black one. Cut huge chucks out of the black button, cut out sections of the clear button to fit in the the missing areas of the black, glue it all together, place some SMD LEDS inside to replicate the Xbox 360 circle of lights in a button.

It was a old thread and I no longer have a link.

What you can do is look up old school means of lighting up buttons before we had nice PCB kits that fitted into each button. You have to work out the details yourself.

I was more asking about how to wiring it off the padhack. Could I run the negative current as one wire for that?
Edit: All hail the glorious Frankinbutton.

I would verify with a multimeter to see if they have a shared common positive or negative first
But yeah you should be able to chain one side. I forgot what brand, but there a Pad PCB with out any commons.

All the positive ends of the leds have continuity to ground.

You got that backwards.
Negative would lead to ground.

You Diodes have a common anode

Anode positive end
Cathode negative end

Does this mean I have it set wrong?

It is the ones labeled positive that have continuity I’ll pull an led later to verify it.

I desolderd the leds and - does have continuity to ground.

I tried wiring it to my player leds on my hrap ex and it doesn’t work so I guess I’ll have to figure out a power indicator or something till I can figure something out to use it directly.

Your Hrap LEDs aren’t using the same polarity for the commons then

I’ll try wiring it the other way when I wire everything else up tomorrow.

It’s working now I had infact wired it backwards.