Remember Fighter's History?

The SF2 ripoff… Has anyone ever played the game? I might get it from eBay.

Well i’m playing the sequel alot atm, Fighter’s History Dynamite, aka Karnov’s revenge. Its a really fun game, but there are a couple of ridiculously overpowered characters, mainly Ray and Karnov, but Lee, Zazie and Yungmie are nearly as bad aswell.

It’s all about Karnov Balloon rushdown, Ray using wheel kick as antiair, Matlok Spinning wave infinite, and other crazy shit. This game is just wrong from a fundamental level but it can get really hectic and fun.

All I remember is:

“you’re shit!” Mi…zo…guchi… WINS!

its all about samchay

Tier list for Karnov’s Revenge is roughly

Ray, Karnov

Ray is probably no.1 since he pretty much beats the rest of the cast for free which his fireball, wheel kick pattern. He is also quite capable of dealing with Karnov’s rushdown thanks to his Wheel kick. Also manages to dizzy people real easy and has powerful combos.

Karnov is close behind, his rushdown is best in the game. His balloon is probably the best move in the game, the C version has massive invunerability. Also has the telelport glitch and extremely damaging combos.

Upper Mid:
Lee, Zazie, Yungmie

All Lee needs to do is land one crouching Lk and he can dizzy you with his BnB combo, which does over 40% damage, so land it once, you get it twice, round won. Can have problems getting in though against strong fireballers, like ray, jean, samchay.

Zazie can glide through any attack and nail you with his hell punches, which have tons of prority. Difficult character to use but very deadly.

Yungmie is like the Chun-li of the game, very fast, has a big throw range to boot. Air fireball, and her up kick is like blanka’s vertical ball in that it hits on the way up and down. But doesn’t have the greatest combo options.

Samchay, Jean, Mizoguchi,

Samchay is like sagat, very fast fireballs, with a tiger uppercut and tiger knee type move which are both excellent anti-airs. Can zone very effectively.

Jean has a charge fireball, but its really fat aswell as fast so its hard to jump over. Also has a flash kick. I think he has some of the weakest combo options in the game, but he has a very effective turtle style.

Mizoguchi is a weird one, his fireball has massive start up time, but its huge. His rush elboy move is a great reversal and anti-air. His real power is in his ability to combo you to death. He effectively has an infinite, if in the corner anyway. Even normal BnB combos do 50% plus damage.

Lower Mid:
Matlock, Clown

Matlock has an infinite in the corner, if your very quick at charging his fireball. It very thin though like guile’s sonic boom, and not as fast as some of the other fireballs so he can’t sin any fireball wars. He has his overhead kick move to help him get in though, unfortunately his combo options arent the greatest. But the worst thing about him is his flash kick, it has very poor priority.

Clown is fun, similar fireball to matlock, but much better anti-air up ball, which hits on way down. Also has a similar move to blanka roll, which is ok in combos, once again not the greatest combo options. He even has a headstomp type move which helps him against other fireball characters.

Marstorius, Ryoko, Lui Feilin

Marstorius is very powerful with his command throws, and lariat, but he simply can’t get round fireballs, since his jump is so low to the ground. and his splash move leaves him vunerable.

Ryoko has big problems getting in also, but can do ok damage once in, but her command throw ranges are no where as big as Mars. She can roll under fireballs, but her normals have appaling range on them.

Lui felin is just weak, very weak, she just does no damage, and has crappy moves. even her best combos will only take about 20% if that.

Karnov: “Baaalllooonn!!!”

there is a thread for this…
i also love how everyones tier list is different for this game

How so? Its pretty obvious that the top tier no matter how you look at it is Ray and Karnov, with Lee, Zazie and Yungmie following behind them, at the bottom is def, ryoko and lui felin and probably Mars. Its just the inbetween that is abit sketchy.

Yea already a thread for this, but game is still awsome! Also personaly I dont think its really that bad of a rip off shrug.

im refering to the older threads and people disagreeing about the standings of samchay clown ect i dont think anyone disputes karnov and ray

Yes who would be interested in a Fighters History Dynamite or Karnovs Revenge SNK tourney? I know I would be interested in it!!!

With for tournament play the infinites bannable etc. Any other things you all think should be banned???

Just to say that if bugs are allowed, Jean is about God Tier… and I do think the tiers exposed here are very arguable, at least for who is mid and top.

let’s play FHD at Evo East :smiley:

I thought in Fighter’s History (not Dynamite) Ryoko would be really good, bitch used to have what looked like tick command grabs and a 50% damage grab. (random?)

Can’t say about the first, Ryoko is a bitch in Karnov 3 though.

Damn, for a second I thought this was about the game that game out for the 64, Fighter’s Destiny.

Well, this games looks interesting. I’ll give it a play later on today.

Damn R3ko bustin out with Fighter’s History tiers. Hehehehe Marstarious…WINS.



it was a funny game,i see a vid of Karnov vs Karnov.