Remember How your supposed to work with a character first? O_O


Why Is it on youtube that i keep seeing these videos of people who Get online and say that thier training with a character?


I’d love to help out but I haven’t a clue as to what you are trying to say.


It’s to make themselves feel better when they lose


I think what he’s saying is that people upload videos of themselves playing, then justify their bad play by saying they’re learning/training with that character.


I think, that because youtube is easy to use, some people may use it as a sort of video journal where they can document their progress and get (unwanted? unwarranted?) feedback from others through comments and such.


Ah, I see now.

Yeah, gotta face the facts. People post those videos for OTHERS, not for themselves. If they wanted to keep track of their progress for themselves, it wouldn’t be on YouTube. They post things that because they skirt the issue. If people think you are good, then you thank them for a compliment, and feel good about yourself. If people say you are awful, then you have an excuse. Obviously, this isn’t ALWAYS the case, but I’d say for the majority, it is. It derives from a lack of self-confidence, and is a security measure that even I (in my younger years) fell victim to.


They upload it for themselves, they just think they’re awesome.


I don’t want to name anyone on youtube in particular but, cough DarkSydePhil cough.


Well training online with a character is a good way to learn when to apply the things you’ve learned to do in training mode and trials.

For example I’m learning Guy now and being able to execute Bushin Chain isn’t going to help unless I know when to use it.
So I go online and fight people(to me the computer is not a good substitute).

Would I upload those matches to youtube? Probably not.