Remember me? Now it's time for another one!

I’m still in the making of my Chun Li costume, but I cannot continue with that right now since my local store doesn’t have evrything I need to it. And it takes another MONTH for them to get more stock. >_<

So I was thinking about making another costume in the meanwhile, this time for Kim Wu from KI2. And since there were so many nice people last time I asked, I’m just going to ask you about this costume again.

It’s pretty much like Chun Li’s, huh? But I can’t remember which her original colours are. (Kim Wu’s) Will you please fill in the details about it and no fanboy answers this time please. Or it that to ask of too much?

go as Maya form KI 2 instead, so sexy, but kim wu is tight too, the costume is kinda similar but with nunchucks added to it.

Hmm…judging from that image you have on the left you’re a fanboy, no? Sorry, if I’m wrong.

Rare stole my nickname for that character and switched a letter :mad:

Sue like the ACLU

lol thats not maya, her boobs werent that big and i dont think she had green hair, i dont remember. but yeah kim wu is like chun li with nunchucks.

Well not quite I can see. Her top is much shorter than Chun Li’s, and her hairstyle is completely different. And she has no arm spikes! :slight_smile: And the back part of her loincloth is also much shorter than Chun Li’s. Hmm…

And she’s got thong sandals instead of Chun Li’s boots. Please fill in as much info as possible! But fanboys, please ask your mother before you reply.

wow, gotta have a body to pull that one off

That’s not gonna stop the wrong people from trying. :frowning:

That’s so true TG.
Sad but true

thunder thighs :rolleyes:

Man Faye. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Ouch, like a dagger through the heart…


Good luck on your Kim Wu Cosplay.

What exactly does fanboy mean to you?

Fanboy is someone who only thinks about…you know. Someone who always plays as Peach in SSBM just to do her butt attacks. Frankly speaking, a fanboy is a kind of a perv.

Isn’t it anyone here who knows more about Kim Wu? I know she isn’t that famous but…that’s part why I want to make her costume. Few people does it.

Here fanboy refers more to people to are strictly loyal to one company/franchise/game. For example, people who play nothing but Capcom games and talk shit about SNK games every chance they get, or vice versa.

Anyway this site has a bunch of KI pics. The artwork menu is on the right.

Well, I don’t think that’s anyone else’s definition but anyway…here are a few more Kim Wu pics:

– tru3tn01
"down for the cause"

You two posted basically the same thing. GJ!!!

For the top, you go find some type of club wear that’s similar and just redesign some of it.

NO. Please tell me that’s NOT a thong.