Remember Street Fighter Stupidity? Well look at this

The same guy who put up those hilarious Street Fighter USA clips also has one for Darkstalkers and Mortal Kombat. Check them out:

Darkstalker Dumbness

Mortal Kombat: Defenders of WTF

EDIT: Here’s one more, from that old Double Dragon cartoon: Double Dragon Douchebaggery

Altho they were already posted in the SF Stupidity thread, appreciate the re-linking of them :slight_smile:
The guy should do one for the MegaMan cartoon…

you guys do know that the Switcher goes here…right?

Taaa daa.

I dunno about the Mega Man cartoon. Is it really bad?

…are you serious switcher? That show has plenty of Lulz in it. Especially considering the fact that Megaman is Goku and Protoman is Ken.

real brother relationship anyone?


but I could be wrong…oh and by the way…your rambo vid…:rofl:

Can’t watch at work, youtube blocked.

Well, Im interested in the Mega Man cartoon, but I can only fine ONE person on ebay selling DVDs, and he’s charging a crapload for it.

If you do go along and get the hilariously-bad dialogue and concepts of american cartoon Megaman, just remember this:

Deposit your soul before you watch the episode titled “Curse of the Lion Men”… :annoy:

I had such fond memories of the Mortal Kombat cartoon…and then I watched this. Thanks for ruining it for me. :tup:

By the way, can it bes Kombat times now?