Remember that "4rd Strike" video?


It’ll be playable soon, courtesy of RVNsan.


This will be stranger than Vampire room or jojo’s and some AZN’s are playing KOF2k2.


Even though this guy stole the tools he’s using it’ll be fun fucking around with this on GGPO.


Stop making threads about this shit.


“New Chain: Added the Crouching LK > Crouching MK chain.”

lol Alex already had this, good changes.


I think he means that he made the LK>MK chain easier. Either that or now you can cancel off the crMK into whatever.


I don’t even care if it’s as stupid as it sounds, he could at least stick with the naming scheme.

4’th jail beak or something.

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Hate to say it but I do look forward to EX Powerbombing some asses.


is that changelog on his site everything that he did or is there missing info? unless I’m reading this wrong Chun’s SA3 got nerfed? lol

this ex kikouken wall bounce tell me more

omg he removed the table in Chun’s stage worst hack ever


Those changes seem more like a “look, i can do this” than anything else.


Just thought I’d ask here. Assuming this actually comes out and he doesn’t fuck us which room on GGPO should this be used in? I vote Final Fight or WindJammers.


Remember when people thought SSFIV would actually be called Street Fighter IV Dash?



Not really, because probably a good chunk of people didn’t know that CE was called “Dash”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I am never going to support this. Just from those seven characters, the changes don’t make any sense at all.


Fuck you Louis, WindJammers is the best arcade game ever, I’m looking forward to fucking around with this shit and vote for Final Fight


Why would you want to mess with windjammers or final fight? You know there are actually bad games on ggpo that nobody plays.

like Alpha 1, or A2Gold.


Using the Windjammers room? you must be crazy!!


You don’t know how hype Windjammers is, until you’ve played in a South West Windjammers tournament. It was more hype than any fighting game that day, no joke.


It was more hype than 99% of any fighting game tournament ever.


“Stage: Elena’s stage has now been changed to Gill’s stage.” lol


this thread is ass