"Remember what we used to say? JACKPOT!" The Vergil Team Building Thread



Thread to discuss how to best use other characters with Dante’s twin. Remember no character can win by themselves and the game is about each character serving some kind of help for the others. Don’t be afraid to talk about the OTHER CHARACTERS. They help each other win and it will help people understand the other characters.

Like Wesker says…“THREE AGAINST THREE”

Good team for Vergil?



It is Dante if you account for the fact that they are only seperate via different embryos and personalties LOL.

Besides these guys are going to get teamed up by the ass in Ultimate any way.


lol, I know I’m running DMC day one.


Vergil’s combos are very interesting. Though they don’t seem as lengthy as Dante’s, they seem very exciting in terms of Damage output and mixups.


I really like this thread title, but the quote is actually “Remember what we used to say?” since it’s Dante talking about both of 'em.

But still, epic win.


I don’t think it’s going for accuracy.


Epic but, nice name for this thread. Jackpot! xD


Seems to be some OBJECTIONS to the title (since I didn’t play DMC3 at all and the subtitles were near impossible to read).





I haven’t played anything but fighting games in the last about…5 years other than DDR. I’m an arcade game monster.


I plan on running Vergil/Ghost HARD for the 1st week at least. Ghost’s heartless spire since it OTG it will help Vergil with combo extensions. Hot Wheels will DHC perfectly after the Bubble Shuffle. Vergil’s rapid slash will control alot of ground space to help Ghost and it will help with combo extensions. Im trying to find a third right now it will be firebrand but im not sure how his assist will work with them.


I’m just trolling.


I know. It just made me remember.

If you’re running Vergil first or 2nd Firebrand seems like he’ll be a solid anchor with the level 3 version of kitty helper busting up fools and he just looks like shades of Vanilla XF2/3 Wolvie in general just tearing up shit but probably even scarier as far as actual tools. A couple of his assists look nice for generic port + assist mix ups for Vergil.


THC should be considered if you want a team based on assist rape Spencer on point is the best to set this up with Arrrm!!! 4 frame start up invincible super dimension slash would be the screen filler and if it activates one frame after freeze like phantom dance it’ll be amazing for this followed by your big damage super for example chaotic flame. in most cases point charters can follow up THCs with combos or dirty mix ups so long as the starting assist meets the requirements. Team Hyper Combos- How they really work & strategy all credit goes to Renegade. Although Virgil seems like a meter hog the option to annihilate a persons assist and potentially point with the press of two buttons is going to be a huge tool at your disposal so long as you have the right team make up and meter to take advantage.


Vergil is going to be the king of the safe DHC thanks to Spiral Swords. This is something that distinguishes him from Dante, since Dante’s only safe DHC is Devil Trigger, and if he’s offscreen with DT active, you can’t bring him back in safely. With Vergil, you can run him on point, then DT and DHC to a safe hyper to take advantage of buffed assists. Then if you need to bring him back for whatever reason, you still have Spiral Swords to DHC into for bringing him back onto the screen safely.

Also, characters with screen covering hypers that don’t disappear on DHC and don’t hit immediately will allow Vergil to do some dirty stuff by doing DT or Spiral Swords afterwards and then teleporting for an instant mixup. Dante can do kinda the same thing, but the mixup aspect of it is slightly more one dimensional thanks to him having only one teleport, while Vergil has three to choose from.

For fun, trying to figure out the best configuration for Team DMC. I’ve had several ideas, but some of them seem like they’d be pretty impractical from a meter basis.


I’d run Trish on point in team DMC with hopscotch or peak assist depending on match up Dante Weasel shot at second and Virgil anchor judgment cut or rapid slash. I feel she gets the most out of being assist loaded out of the trio and with the air dash nerf she’ll be really scary with traps ppl have to be careful approaching her add to that her mobility and round trip or round harvest and she doesn’t have too hard a time getting in on zoners. The DHC potential this team has is so insane lol. Id run that team but I love doom to much not to play him his been my best since mvc2.


I’m personally running Dante, Trish, Vergil with Trish using peekaboo. Just by the fact that in that order you can still TOD most of the cast with Dante combo into million dollars, dhc round harvest, tag Dante back in, sj>dj>j.s>otg for additional damage and reset the order for the next in coming character mix up. But I am curious to see if Dante and Vergil can follow up after her OTG Max Voltage with DT>OTG.


Vergil and Frank West seem like they would have a lot of synergy together. Vergil has a lot of extended combos, and more hits means more EXP for Frank.


I’m thinking since Vergil relies on hypers he’d be the User in a “Battery/User/Assist” team philosophy.

Wesker, friggan Dante would be easy picks of the top of my head to gain that meter for him.