Remember when you ACTUALLY had to unlock characters and stages?


Seriously, every fighting game I’ve played recently has all this stuff unlocked from the start. I know doing something like performing a combo over 100 times to unlock a new character is a pain, but not having it sort of takes some fun out of it for me.


I happen to hate grinding to unlock anything. I love games with ‘DLC’ unlock keys that by pass all of that. EXCEPT when those elements are integral to gameplay (not a fan of Battlefield 3’s shortcut ‘packs’, though I got the Co-op Kit Shortcut because I had no interest in that mode).


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yes! unlocking stuff was so fun. getting the game with everything there is a little anti-climactic. then again, we all have the internet, so we all know what content is there.
i mostly remember unlocking characters in the 3D mortal kombats.


You mean like MvC3? Or MK9?

I prefer unlocking useless stuff like colours/costumes. That way you can take the disc to a friend, who hasn’t got the game, and still play every character.


I agree, unlocking gameplay elements like characters is a big nono. I want to play all of them out of the box, especially for reasons like above with playing the game on someone else’s system.


My guess is that you don’t really like fighting games.
The fighting is its own reward, and if you need an external reward then the genre isn’t for you.

What about exploring the things that you should be exploring? The game itself and its strategies? Is discovering those not exciting for you?


Stuff like this was fun when I was 12, not now when I’m helping out with tournaments and it takes 2 hours per console to unlock shit.


Unlocking characters is pretty hype as a kid, but now it just feels like a huge annoyance. Most people who actually buy fighting games know a fair amount about the characters in the game before buying the game, so there’s really no suspense or excitement. It’s just pointless work that also makes it more difficult for TOS since they have to spend time unlocking stuff.


Ahh… I remember them MVC2 days. Those are old days, new days they need them unlocked for tournaments on the real. I better see Shuma-Gorath on every UMVC3 setup or else… My Shuma/Spencer remain hungry.


Good point.


Unlocking mewtwo in super smash bros melee was insane, I still remember playing for hours just to get him.


Yeah I remember…I remember it sucking.
You know who you are MvC2 DC, and CvS1.


Yeah, I remember spending countless hours on games like Super Smash Bros Melee trying to unlock every one of the 600 hidden characters.

It fucking sucked.


but still, I rather bust my ass to get a character than pay 5$ for one


As bad as it could be it’s still a lot better than paid on dish dlc characters.


Very true. Or instead Capcom could just make a complete game.


Fuck unlocking. I don’t think anyone ever enjoyed having to unlock the rest of the cast in MvC2 just so that people could play it properly.


I know worse than the DC version of MvC2 the Japanese version of MvC2.


Like everyone else: unlocking is fun until it serves as an injunction in competitive play functionality (ANOTHER REASON WHY 3rd Strike is so great).
There are certain genres where it shines more than others: Arcade racers, rpg’s, Jet Set Radio Future, FPS have become tame as of late… So fuck them, my favorite unlocks have been the unlocks from Banjo-Tooie. Useful cheats that you could optionally unlock and changed the dynamic of the game. Cheats and little easter eggs like that have died of unfortunately…
Ain’t shit worse than unlocking Mewtwo in Melee though…