Remembering 9/11

So to comemorate the 10 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks, I decided to make this thread and ask what you guys were doing on that unforgetable day.

I remember working the graveyard shift at this lame ass factory job making boxes 9pm to 9am or some shit. I had a routine of sleeping during the day, waking up at like 5 or something, make food and eat it while watching The Simpsons.

So I wake up, make my food, get ready for another lame ass day at work, open the tv to “Breaking news”. I was like: “Oh come on wtf is this shit? I got work I need my laughs?” I changed the channel, same thing, changed again, same thing. At this point I was like: “Wait a sec…” And that’s when I saw what happened and was like: “What… the fuck…?” Needless to say since I slept all day I was completly in the dark as to what happened, so it was quite something, since by the time I found out everything already happened.

Later I went to work and obviously everyone was talking about it like crazy and shit.

I still remember those precise moments perfectly and it’s someting I’ll keep in memory for the rest of my life.

What’s your story?

I join the military for part of reason because what happen in 9/11
that is like few years later, but it firm my decision further and it does mean something to me.

Sophomore in High School, I was in art class. Lot of the teachers and kids were crying and talking about it. I just went through my school day, went home and that was that.

Junior in HS… ended up leaving school early, scooped some white castle, went home and played EQ / watched DBZ.

Was in High school I think about 10th grade. All the TV’s in the school were tuned to it so basically regardless of where you went whether it was a classroom or the cafeteria it was there. I remember me and everyone saying things of how unreal it was and how it felt like we were in a movie or something. Watching those planes crash into the towers for the first time took a couple of hours to soak in.

I was a freshman in high school and pretty much woke up to it all. I didn’t think it was real until I noticed every major station covering it, I ended up going to school and watching the towers fall in the classroom. Every moment felt so unbelievable, watching people jump off the towers just to escape being burned to death.

10th grade in Home room. I was just hearing about it, didn’t actually see what had happened until later on in the day. I remember when class let out some random kid came out yelling “Oh, MY GOD, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!” really sarcastically. What a dumbass.

Man, I feel like a little kid… I was only 8 at the time.
I woke up early, for some weird reason that morning. Like, Id never wake up early…except Saturdays of course. Anyway when I woke up early Id watch cartoons. So for some reason they weren’t on that day, (I didnt have cable so I couldnt flip on Nickelodeon) and I was just watching all the stuff about the tragedy… Couldnt quite grasp it at the time…
I was just in elementary school. No one would tell me what happened. I asked all the kids and any adult (teachers, my parents, etc.) about the “tourist” attacks. Kinda funny thinking back on it…My heart and respects goes out to any and all affected by the twin towers attacks.

I was in 4th grade at the time. Since I went to a catholic school I was in church at the time and all of sudden the other pastor who wasn’t doing mass burst in all of a sudden in the middle of the service. I thought he was going to cry. he ran up to the alter got on the mic and told everyone what happened. I remember we really didn’t do anything in any of my classes that day. Then I went home and watched the news all night.

woke up in the morning and my dad was like, “yo they flew two planes into the world trade”.

it didn’t even register with me and i was like whatevs and went back to bed. then i woke up and started watching the news and i was like oh shit. worked an all day shift at my pizza job, cause everyone was staying in.

now years later, i look back, and just think, fuck those shithead terrorists. i hope they’re being gangraped by the 72 FAT MALE OTAKU virgins in heaven.

As a smart mathematician once said, “Men never commit evil so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions” - Blaise Pascal
I just hope someday humanity can grow the fuck up and move away from fundamentalist dogmatic organized religions and not do stupid shit like this. Then we can look back on times like this as a dark ages where religious nutjobs reigned supreme, but rational thought luckily won out.

I had half day at 6 so went to town bought FoNS on VHS came home to watch it but for some reason I decided to watch the news. Then I saw footage of the first plane hit, then they went live and saw the second plane hit. Most surreal thing I’ve ever felt, numbing.

I was in middle school, in the 7th grade living in upper Manhattan when 9/11 happened. I remember the school day progressing as normal until about 3rd period when all the teachers started talking amongst themselves in the hallways and then they brung all us kids back to our homerooms. My teacher at the time started to talk to us about life, death, family and things of that nature without ever so much as hinting to us what happened. It wasn’t until after they walked all the classes down to the cafeteria and sat down with their respective students that things started to get uneasy amongst the entire space of kids and adults. Then when they took us back up to the classrooms they told us that some people hijacked planes and flew them into some buildings downtown.

That’s when the entire classroom went silent and a few kids started to cry because they had loved ones that worked in the buildings, I also had a loved one that worked downtown. At the time the spreading of news wasn’t as rapid as it was in places outside of New York which lead to alot of people being unsure of what happened and wheather it was still ongoing. By the end of the day with talking about life and what type of people would commit such a act some of the teachers drove kids that lived far away from the school (a few students that lived in the bronx or in dyckman) back to their homes. For the rest of us that lived within reasonable walking distant was told to walk home as soon as possible and preferably with each other and to avoid all public transportation. Some of the other kids that lived farther than walking distance was drove to their homes by our short schoolbuses which was only used for special needs students so they couldn’t accommondate too many kids at one time.

As for myself I lived only about 10 blocks away from my school so I was one of the kids that lived in walking distance while most of my friends got driven home by teachers or took our school buses. As I walked home I noticed how devoid of life the streets despite the fact usually they were bustling by the time school is over, you could essentially hear a pindrop besides the occasional car that passed by on the street. By the time I got home I asked my mom what happened and even she didn’t know what happned in detail since the lines of communication like the television, radio and our phone wasn’t working. I tried going through channels but all I got was static on every station with the occasional muffled voice amongst the sea of signal noises. The same happened when I went through every radio station both AM and FM butI was relieved when my father got in later that night around 7pm since he was a Schoolbus driver that worked in Brooklyn but he routinely made runs in Manhatten and the Bronx.

When he got home he told me how the roads looked coming from Brooklyn entering Manhattan and how some of the bridges were closed off so he had to use a alternative route to drop some of the kids off to their parents and to get back into Manhattan. I didn’t go to school and my father didn’t go to work until the following week. Our Television, Radio and Phone didn’t fully come back on until about 5 days after that faithful day with CBS being the first channel to have some video and audible service about the details on what happened the day after 9/11. One of my uncles worked as a receptionist in one of the buildings that surrounded the WTC’s and he called in sick the day the planes hit the buildings. I asked him a few years after 9/11 why he didn’t go into work that day and he told me “I don’t know but for some reason I just didn’t feel like going into work that morning”.

I’ve never experienced something so eerie, disconnected and lonely before ever in my life.

I was between jobs for the first time in my life…and around 9:00 my dad tells me to get the news, and, well, you know the rest. Didn’t get mad, or cry (EVERY caucasian woman I saw for the next 6 days was acting traumatized and having hysterics and bawling in public. They’d start talking about it in a store, or on the bus, or just walking around, then just flip out as if they had family in the towers. They didn’t, they said so themselves, so that was what was so weird about their reaction. Other black people I met, aside from comments like “Wow, that shit was crazy”…seemed unaffected like myself. Not sure what that says about american society) or any other melodramatic shit like that…but it was odd. It didn’t seem real, like some tv dramatization. You get that feeling when you see something so crazy that your mind tells you it’s fake.

Sheeeit, this reminds me of how old I’m getting— I was in graduate school at the time, getting ready to head over to the computer lab for a work-study assignment to assist a visiting artist that day (*the usual was to pick them up from the airport, help them set up presentations or even take the person to lunch, all on the school’s dime of course.). Anyway, I was listening to Howard Stern’s show as usual… I left the house to go to the car, and in that short time of a walk from my front door to the car…the tone of his show completely changed to something serious when I turned the car radio on. I still have the full episode of that show, along with his 9/12/01 show, as an mp3 file now. Listening to those shows takes me right back to the memories of that day as they happened. At school, of course the normal proceedings of the day came to a halt…there was no normal class schedule or visiting artist presentations…everyone was either listening to the radio or watching a small tv in the computer lab (or on the net) to get updates about what was going on…many people were also on the phone trying to get through if they happened to be from or know people from New York. Lucky for some parts of the world that I did not have the political power of a President or something that day…because I was definitely in the mood to nuke the shit out of something…several times over…scorched earth policy.

was in HS, was told about it and saw it on TV. the seriousness of the attack completely escaped me, I forgot about it pretty much

I was in 3rd grade class that morning. My teacher spoke to the class that the WTC was crashed into by two planes. I didn’t think too much into it until me and my sis got called to the office or wherever about my mom coming to pick us up. We looked at each other like":frowning: is she sick or something?" But nah, we went home, saw that half of the TV channels were just black screens or the news. I watched some coverage for awhile, played some vidya or whatever and I just held a wtf face the rest of the day.

Is was in a trade school on 7th and 42street when someone told me i was like that was bull shit until they said every one must leave. they didn’t know what buildings would be and and the crazy thing was that my aunt made it out alive and i never new she worked there. Also this girl in my school work there and i think she was late for work lucky her, now that’s some shit. Not making it to work just to find out it was hit by a plain. at what point will we stop killing each other? A question that no one can answer.

I was in elementary school I believe. School went on lock down, we didn’t hear shit about it until our parents picked us all up and told us themselves. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

Now I look back and I’m not surprised, people are fucking stupid sometimes, stupid shit is bound to happen. Look at the course of history and tell me that nobody expected some serious shit with loads of dead humans coming from it at any given time. The president could be shot and killed today and I wouldn’t be shocked. Atom bombs on the US? It’ll happen eventually. Society is garbage and horrible as it is.

RIP all of those who died by any outcome of the attack and war following. And my sympathy to those who lost family and friends because of it. The world’s a fucked up place.

Man you guys are young, I was in the Army when it happened. I was just getting off my 24 Hr CQ Duty in Fort Lewis, WA. Someone told me about it and at first I thought they were joking. Then we turned the tv on in the CQ room and watched it. Everyone in the military was on high alert that day and the base was basically shut down.

Oh September 11 passed, I didn’t even know it was yesterday. I was in high school, we skipped class and watched it on tv.