Remembering Rival Schools/Project Justice

Wassup everyone? As you can see I’m new here. I sign up here because I’m a huge fighting game fan been one for years and one of my favorite 3D fighters of all time is Rival Schools and its US sequel Project Justice. I don’t know why Capcom hasn’t made a sequel to the game but this is definitely the most innovative fighter I have ever played.

Both were fun back in the day but I felt RS had more charm and an impact than PJ, even though PJ played better.

I think the SF4 engine is the PERFECT oppurtunity to bring back Rival Schools. I think after Capcom gets 4 done, they really should work on a RS, PJ sequal using that graphical style, it would fit much better than SF.

the first time i played rival schools i thought, wow this is better than virtua fighter 5

true story

A Great game series that needs a Sequel.

Kyosuke for President.

whyd you capitalize great and sequel

Well I’m not a believer of petitions but the creator of this one said they “endorse” it to Capcom to port PJ to the PS2. This petitions seems to have potential lol. If anyone wants to sign it here it goes…

whew, rival schools was so fun. I would use the volley ball girl, the hot scientist chick, and the guy with the sword. He had a pony tail, I think he was the superintendant. Sooooo much old school fun

Rival Schools was more fun than Project Justice. Both are great, but RS was just that more fun. The Evolution disc for RS was just too fucking good.

Black Warmups Hayato/ Zaki / Momo = Partyyyyy

I really liked Rival Schools 1 but I think I spent too much time being weirded out by how exactly Raizo + Batsus mom worked.

PSP port with online play!!!


it brought back in any shape way or form would be nice

it has massive potential for online gaming and download content

But… what really happened with the RS brand? Project Justice got somewhat decent profit as i remember, i heard some years ago that the original team of RS leaves Capcom so thats why they dont make more RS games but i dont know if this true.

It might as well be.

Back around the turn of the century and the years following, the majority of Capcom’s fighting game development team either a) went to other development teams within Capcom or b) just left the company altogether. ShoK (guy who made Monster) probably is a good example of this; he was a part of the team who helped make Vampire/DarkStalkers (in fact, Gallon/Jon Talbain was his design, I believe), and then he soon left to do his own thing.

So, how Capcom pulled a dev team out of their ass, in order to make SF4 a reality, is beyond me, but before that time, Capcom Fighting Jam was made by the last remnant of Capcom’s former fighting game team…

As for RJ? Well, while PJ did decently, I heard that many people thought of the game as a joke, once people found out that throws were so over-powered (they out-prioritized Supers and Team-ups!), they dominated pretty much every aspect of the meta game. Things like that made for a pretty bad showing for the game, which is probably why Capcom never got around to making a sequel, even when they had opportunity to back in the day.

Funny fact, though? Batsu and Akira were once going to be a part of that Capcom All Stars game (the 3D Capcom crossover game that got canceled…for CFJ. :rofl:), but when that game fell through, so did plans to give the RS guys more play. As of right now, the last time this series has seen any play, was in Namco X Capcom; both Hideo and Kyoko were in that game.

I only played this one time
but it was so bomb ass!

It was so much fun I literally didnt wanna drop the joystick

Roy & Roberto on the same team = <3

we need games like this today
after SF4 maybe we will get some more of those fighting games that have been MIA

Yeah I have PJ and I use to have RS back in the day; the first Rival Schools is more entertaining that PJ but PJ had a better system within it (although grabs/throws did take too much power). From what I read in the EGM magazine, the person working on SF4, after its release and if it does well, that he will be going to work on the older fighting franchises as well…such as Darkstalkers and the Marvel vs. Capcom series. Possibly RS is also in the works…

Rival Schools: The College Years!

Me: how come this game only has teacher and coaches in it now? reads a storyline faq

FAQ: All the students were too busy with work/getting drunk/high/or studying to really care about fighting any more.

Me:…sounds abotu right.

Rival Schools/ Project Justice is my favorite capcom series. Rival Schools beats the hell outta PJ, maybe the graphics aren’t as good, but PJ loses that intitial charm. The story is ridiculous, compared to RS’s ( which granted, is pretty convoluted too, but still) adn the no voice acted cutscenes REALLY bothered me, when I used to play arcade mode of RS just to watch that part of it. Back when Rival Schools came out, I used to get blisters on my hands playing on that shitty old PS pad I played so much. A sequel would be nice, but not at any cost. If the developers weren’t up to par, I’d rather them leave it as a legacy, and not ruin the series by adding a crap game.