Reminder: EVO, safety and you! Info for Ultra Crime Fighter 4, Guilty Party XRD and more!

It’s that time of year again guys! Rather than create a new post I figured I’d just update this one. If it’s your first or fifth time at EVO its always a great idea to brush up on your safety tech!


-Due to Vegas’ expanding population, a new area code, 712, has been added! No need to fret or try and change your sick handle “702Narut0KiLLAH” though as 702 is still an active area code here. Only difference now is that you MUST dial the area code prior to making a local call (it’s a 3fr start-up, +3 OB, +5 OH).

-The location of the tournament last year was the Westgate (previously the LVH, and before that the Las Vegas Hilton), which is a great venue. It’s located off the main strip on Paradise (and has a monorail service that stretches all the way to Caesar’s Palace) and is closest to Stratosphere, Riviera, and Circus Circus. BE AWARE however, just north of the Stratosphere property is an area you have no business in, especially as a tourist. To the east of the Westgate property, the same story. Best advice as a tourist, “Try and stay near the casinos resort properties and dont wander too far off.”

Anyways, all the below info is still relevant, please read and buff your knowledge (especially if this is your first EVO)! Regardless have fun, be safe, and see you all there!!

Hey guys, I know most of you reading this are either World Warriors or at least have travelled once (maybe twice) in your life and will probably roll your eyes at this… However for those of you making your first trip out to Vegas, I’m a local who’s got dat tourist safety tech:

Hotel room burglaries and pickpocket thefts are huge issues here, especially down the Vegas strip corridor. Tourists have a tendancy to be distracted (go figure) when they waltz down the boulevard or are wasting spending their money in our many games of chance and tend to fall prey to opportunists. Here are some basic tips to keep in the back of your mind:

Hotel Room Footsies 101:

-Hotel burglaries are on the rise in all hotels but can easily be prevented through some basic common sense techniques:

-When leaving your room be sure to PULL on the door as it closes, it sounds stupid I know, all too often people will close their doors and not allow the locks to full… well… lock, leaving their room open to any passerby who will just happen to push on them. If you pull on the door as it shuts, it allows the mechanism to complete the circuit and officially “lock”, only opening to the assigned key card/security/ or a kick to the door.

-Utilize your room’s safe! Seriously lock up your extra cash, credit cards, passports, hidden anti-MoriDoom tech, etc in these babies AND DONT USE STUPID SIMPLE SCRUBBY CODES. The higher end hotels have programmable safes, use them and come up with some super awesome combination (no you can’t P-link the keypad).

-Random thieves are not the only threat to tourists when leaving their hotel rooms, every hotel has at least a few maids of the sticky fingered variety who love expensive electronics, jewelry, and anything else of value! So what to do? Use those complimentary “Do Not Disturb” tags left in each room. This shit is godlike. You can hang it on the door during your entire stay and the cleaning staff has to respect it. They can never enter and if they do, it can be trouble for them later. Unless you ABSOLUTELY must have your room cleaned (you’ve got some salt piles from the prior evening’s money match sessions, etc), hang that little tag!!

-Thefts don’t always occur when you’re away either. Remember that whole “pulling the door shut” tip above? well guess what, it applies here as well but in reverse. PUSH your door all the way closed and use any additionally provided locking mechanisms when you shut yourself in for the night. Unless you want your set-ups, sticks, and/or Virgil body pillows to do the disappearing act overnight, LOCK YOUR DOORS!

-Be vigilant! It’ll be harder this weekend due to everyone having people in their rooms for casual sessions and such, but keep an eye out for anyone loitering in the hotel room hallways. Often times the burglaries occur right after someone has left their room for the day because they were being watched by some random sketchy fellow/lady in the hall as they left. Making eye contact is a huge deterrent to a would be thief, they don’t want to be seen by their victims especially but any witnesses are also bad news.

-Trick Rolls. Okay this one is the BIGGEST AND MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE, DO NOT GET TRICK ROLL’D. “What is a trick roll?” you ask, well let me tell you real quick. People have a very unfortunate misconception that prostitution is legal in Vegas, IT ISN’T (it is however legal in Nye County and there are two brothels just over the hump in Pahrump!). If you meet a random (often attractive, but not always) stranger who wants to go back to your room and play a “different” kind of game than those featured at EVO, DO NOT BRING THAT PERSON UP TO YOUR ROOM. Seriously this is some scrubby shit if I’ve ever seen, these men or women will come back with you to your room, perhaps just have a good time with you (alcohol may or may not be involved), or you may get into some more “sensual” (and illegal) cash related transactions. This is all a massive act to get your guard down and steal all your shit. Get the name now? You get TRICKed into thinking you’re having a good time and then they ROLL your dumb ass when they take your set-ups and your custom Arcana Hearts stick and bail. Yep, you just got your waifu stolen free. **Also in some bad cases, the girl/guy may have backup that they’ve been secretly communicating with the entire time wait just outside your door in case things don’t go as smoothly as they like and will barge in, kick your shit in, take your shit out (of the room), and leave you feeling like shit.


Pick Pocket Push Block:

-Vegas is to a pick pocket is as the Olympics is to an athlete. This is where their sticky fingers are really put to the test and where they can also score the highest reward. Seriously these are pickpockets on steroids, do not underestimate them. The best thing to do is carry as little as possible on your person (utilizing that safe we talked about) and only bring the essentials. Those essentials should be:

 -Drivers license/ID/Passport
 -Enough Cash (Never have all of your cash on your person, leave some in the safe in case of emergency!!)and/or Credit Card (Not a debit or bank card)
 -Hotel Room Key

That’s it! Your keys, your stick (unless you’re heading to the EVO hall), your wads of cash/debit cards, and your photo with Alex Valle that you keep in your wallet behind your license (you know, the one…) can stay in the hotel room safe, locked up tight. Now place your essentials in your front pocket of your pants, (or if you dont mind some possibly “funky” money) in your shoes, or wherever on your person AS LONG AS IT’S NOT YOUR BACK POCKET OR FRONT SHIRT POCKET. Both spots are unsafe and will get blown up by some quick sticky fingered thug, leaving you feeling like YOU’S POVERTY NOW!

Just lost 0-2 to some thief, what do?

-First things first, assess what is missing, where you last saw it and when (This will be critical for the reporting process). If you are missing cellphones (contact your provider immediately), if you are missing bank cards/credit cards (call your bank IMMEDIATELY so they can stop any possible transactions), if you are missing set-ups and fight sticks… well better hope you’ve got serial numbers at home (maybe contact Microsoft or Sony to let them know so they can freeze your account in case you have your accounts unlocked on them)!

-Secondly head down to the security of your hotel and report it! This is critical, without your alert, they could easily let evidence in the form of surveillance and door lock interrogations disappear (they refresh every 24-48 hours depending on the hotel) and lose your chance at identifying the person who just bodied your ass.

-Third, contact LVMPD, if you are outside of the 702 area code, you’ll have to dial the full numbers: (702-828-3111 for non-emergency switchboard or 702-828-9111 for emergency… duh) and let them know. More than likely you’ll either be put in a queue for a telephonic report, which could take a while, advised to head down to Police Records (400 S. Martin Luther King Blvd, LV NV 89106) or if they have any units free, they’ll come assist you ASAP (be patient, our city is a liiiiiittle busy, especially on the strip).

So there you have it, your basic guide to tourist safety here at EVO. I’m happy that my town gets to host you guys, so I figured I might as well give you guys a little hint on how to stay safe and leave with everything you arrived with (yes even your virginity, you gotta go out of town if you wanna lose that).

-Auto Burglaries Buffs/Nerfs:**

-Though I assume this one is a given (as unfortunately every major city deals with this), make sure not to leave anything of value in your vehicles in plain sight. I mean nothing, not even anything that resembles something of value! Remember thieves are opportunists, they will be more likely to risk breaking into a vehicle with items in plain view, than one without!

-IF you do fall victim to this, follow the instructions above + remember which floor, which parking structure/lot, and how the suspect(s) made entry to your vehicle.

-Towing of vehicles Mode

-This one is a big issue. In Las Vegas you must be aware of where you park and if there is any signage dictating your parking procedures. If you must park on the strip, park INSIDE A CASINO PARKING STRUCTURE and walk. It sucks I know, but you can use the exercise and outside in restaurant/mall parking lots, things get mad sketchy… A lot of businesses here have shady dealings with private tow yards and will report your vehicle immediately after you park and choose NOT to visit their establishment. The most notorious is the Pepper Mill, a restaurant next to the Riviera. They will tow your shit free if you don’t go inside and eat. Worst part is, tow fees are insane here ($300 for the tow and another $50-100 a day depending on the yard…) and we know that 95% of EVO attendees don’t have that Majors/Career player money now don’t we?

-Also Tow companies have exactly 2 hours to call/fax/email LVMPD with the information on your beat-up 96 Hond Accord (it ain’t that awesome sorry), before it can be a stolen vehicle. It is done as common courtesy to you the owner, to have a one-stop shop for info on your vehicle (including who towed, their phone number, their address, and if your vehicle has a stock number). The officers will still report out to take the vehicle in that span of time, however though dispatch will direct your call to the Police Records vehicle desk to check if your vehicle has been listed. HAVE YOUR PLATE AND/OR VIN INFORMATION AVAILABLE, they will only search by that criteria and will be unable to help you if you don’t. If you scrub it up, and don’t, you can contact your insurance or the rental company for that information.

-Public Intoxication rework

-Though you may all have the starry-eyed dream to drink booze from your plastic pimp chalice like you’re a badass or something fresh off your Touhou money match victory. Remember, public intoxication is not “tolerated” on the strip corridor. “But TrooB I see bitches be gettin drunk all up the strip with those big colorful bone glasses? What gives?!” I said “tolerated” right? Meaning that a police officer won’t stop every person out getting their drink on, that would be a waste of resources; HOWEVER if you are acting a fool and they have to come bust you, you will get hit with it on your citation or arrest (depending on your blood alcohol level, your police interaction, and the nature of why they had to come deal with your dumb ass in the first place), guaranteed.

-Missing Persons, sorry we patched out Yun and Yang :frowning:

-If your roommate, next opponent, or cosplayer lady friend thatyoutotallyhavethehotsforbutshereallyseemsuninterestedorpossiblyjusttsunderegodwhatacutieamirite, suddenly goes missing here is what you do:

-Assess the situation: You are in Las Vegas aka Disney for adults and although they pinky swore to stay by your side the entire adventure, they more than likely will not. Agree to meet back at the hotel room, to leave the city at a certain date and time, and to keep in contact by phone (if applicable) so that in the event of a sudden separation it’s not an immediate issue. People “change” when they come to Vegas, especially on their first trip. The city has a way of taking boy/girlfriends, husbands, wives, and friends “who would never do this back home,” away to unrealistic dreams of grandeur in many forms. More than likely your missing friend will be back, or at least will contact you before your agreed upon departure time.

-HOWEVER: If your missing buddy has any known medical diagnoses for mental or physical impairments, is suicidal, or was last seen being grabbed by some roided gorillas and thrown in a van, contact LVMPD immediately. They need to know so your friend can be entered into the database in case any officer runs into them (except in cases of suicide or suspicious circumstance, officers will track your friend down as best as possible) so that they can receive the necessary medications/treatments if located.

-Domestic Violence/Battery/Fights (non-EVO sanctioned ones at least)

-Okay seriously, keep your nerd rage in the game. You will go to jail if you take out your salt on your roommate and the police get called. Talk about a way to end your EVO 2013 story, your skinny ass in jail next to Bubba. Lovely image right? It can all be prevented by you keeping your temper in check and not trying to reenact a Cr.MK xx F.DP with your friend as the training dummy.

Okay that should do it this time. phew everybody have a great weekend, see you there!


Good luck to all of you

and have fun

Thanks, man! As a guy who’s travelled a lot, this is sound advice.

Anytime man. I only wanna see warriors stolen of their glory on the tournament floor, not their personal belongings this weekend because they didnt know the tourist v criminal matchup.

Also if you have very sensitive lungs stay the fuck inside. This fire has been going on for the past 2 weeks and…Jesus.

Also note, if you take chip damage from a Noell Brown Bionic arm you lose some red health as well.

Excellent post… this should be front page seriously.

I frequent vegas a lot and this man speaks truth.

Not that Vegas is a battlefield (unlike 30 years ago), but there are people there that prey on the visitors. There are also some desperate folks that are looking to get out of a jam.

Few things to add (and some of this is the exact same stuff they have spoon fed me in the Marines for over 20 years):

-If you are by yourself, be mindful of your state of mind and where you are. For example: If you are drunk, don’t go wandering off somewhere you are not familiar with. Folks will look for that. You aren’t spiderman but when you talk to folks that got into a bad situation, their spider sense twinged a bit… (gut feeling) but they ignored it… and wished they hadn’t.

-If something sounds too good to be true… it is…

-Keep an alert posture… if you are sleepy, drunk, high, fatigued… you are a target. Stay in populated areas if you are compromised and/or with a group.

-If you are addressed by the police or security in a casino/hotel… be RESPECTFUL…(eg; yes sir, no sir, do as they say)… don’t mouth off… they deal with punks and problem folks 24/7… dont give them a reason to escalate something that could be mitigated easily.

-Watch your friends… if they are doing something dumb… (even if its freaking funny) watch their back. Some folks seem hell bent on self destruction there and you may very well see it. Removing them from a potential bad situation can mean the difference between a story you laugh about later or an uncomfortable experience that neither of you want to speak of again.

-If you find yourself in a bad situation, say you bumped into someone at a club and drinks spilled/insert whatever here and guy/gal is furious… don’t just eye them up and think you can take them… be humble, apologize and try to defuse the situation.
Fun fact: regardless of what you might think, it usually takes one HELL of a hit to drop someone with a one time… a fierce punch will likely hurt your hand more then it will your target…
fun fact 2: there is a TON of security everywhere… and they will descend on the issue and come out of nowhere… and you can find yourself in jail, on the street, or the hospital… not worth it.
Fun fact 3: that little punk may not seem like much, may have a weapon, or may have a whole crew watching just in case you get the upper hand.

-Finally, you are likely to get asked at least once "what the hell you are carrying around? (stick)…
You will probably respond proudly that you are in vegas for the EVO world finals for fighting games…
This is usually met with (and been asked verbatim to me quite a few times) "you came to Vegas to play a (video) game???"
Best answer I have is: "well aren’t most folks here in Vegas to play games for a possible big payoff?"
That usually gets a smile and a nod… regardless of age/race :slight_smile:

-99% of folks will have a great time and Vegas can be a fun place… please dont take what I say to scare anyone… just to educate… be safe, have fun, and go home with some awesome stories to tell folks (and maybe a few you keep yo yourself, but can smile when you think of them)

-be kind and courteous… you will likely get the same from the other attendees (and folks in vegas in general)

The hood, or The Boondocks for you safe folks, has taught us that … thy proceed with caution.

Its Martin Luther King and Alta, not the worst area but not the best; remember this: They never put police stations in/near “good” neighborhoods.

Its relatively safe if you’re in their parking lot though.

Bump for update

For anyone heading to downtown Vegas (Fremont Street), FYI the rules regarding open alcohol are slightly different than that of the Strip:

Haven’t posted in a bit, but excellent post True. I’ll be heading to Evo this year after a long hiatus.

Its that time of year again, heres the ol’ bump for safety.