Reminder: #SNKPlaymore @ EFnet - The home of SNKPlaymore (Mostly KOF) Chatroom

We’re still alive and active! SRK Members such as Sparkster, Feez, Phoenixnl, Anakron, Dandy_J (occasionally), and myself actively use this channel for KOF discussion, General discussion, doing nothing (idling), and match making (poor Emil can’t get games though.) Mainly we do discussion and general discussion, so it’s just a lax/lounge-like room for those who are interested in the KOF series and KOF XIII. For those willing to learn KOF overall, we’re willing to teach new players to get better.

Just note though, we’re not going to baby people and we’re going to be typically blunt and real with you, but that’s so you can accept certain circumstances and become better as a player. I’m not saying we’re going to be dicks, but don’t expect us to do and think everything for you. We work together.

Otherwise, we just idle then talk about inane things now and then and Emil just keeps asking for people to play him in KOF while people ignore him. So feel free to join in and take it easy~

One more thing… If anyone needs to contact me live/real-time, hit me up on IRC and either say my name in the chat or PM me. It’ll highlight my whole IRC window, flash the icon in the toolbar, etc. and alert me when things are going down.

So if you have anything you wish to discuss with me, that’s the best course of action to do so.