Reminder that normals in the Street Fighter series have been constantly nerfed


i dont actually have anything to say about this other than lol so maybe someone else has an opinion on it? why does capcom want powerful normals, which are fun to use, to not exist? did players complain about powerful normals?


Because Ryu’s c.MK is too good and it always hits me and it needs a nerf


People seem to have forgotten about Rose’s Cr.Mp…


Because they hate Sirlin?


Probably because it’s easier to impress most people with “depth” in the shallowest sense of the word. (The purely technical one.)
Instead of mastering the “WHEN to use” part, which requires timing AND reading the opponent we get artificial features that requires just the mindless timing. Links, Justframe moves etc.
It’s easy to watch a match and recognize a hard combo being done in succession but it requires expertise to be able to recognize, and appreciate, the strategy, mindgames, conditioning etc.


it looks weird when moves got real hitboxes, especially with better graphics (real answer).


I wonder though if this was simply natural progression as the genre matured in arcades. I mean, as players got better, there was a need to add in things that would challenge the players more and encourage them to spend more time sitting in front of the cabinet and combo execution is something that the devs can control (compared to the skill of other players). In the same way then that shoot’em up gravitated towards bullet hell design, so did fighters start emphasizing more complicated combo systems with hitcounts getting higher and higher.


Adding huge ass combos to non-chain games was and still is a selling point. (Vism, KOF2k2 BC, KOF13HD, Shin Koihime Musou fatal counters etc.) but I don’t think it’s the same as what I have described. I’d compare the above to Ultras, that big flashy thing that happens once in a while.


They seem to do that in SF4. However in MVC3…that they just gives powerful normals to everybody.

Like Tataki said it’s more of the theory that developers favor execution more than fundamentals. There was really a good post on KOF forums talking about HD in KOF13 suffer from this.