'RemixCombosTwo' - another new vid


It’s shorter than the last one but still has some cool stuff in it. Mostly just exploring the left/right charge system and seeing what is possible with it.

I didn’t find the charge bug, nor the yoga blast one.

Also, using a 360 pad hurts my hands. hopefully I won’t ever have to do it again.

First off, cool video.

Secondly, no more floaty light?

Nice man, glad to see the Dhalsim bug I mentioned in your video :slight_smile:

Any plans for #3 ?

^^yeah thanks for that dude. Did you know it was possible outside of training mode?

CW, right now I need sakura stamina. Floatly light was getting old I think.

woah, where was that dhalsim bug posted?

Sick Vid…

“Desk Wins… Perfect!”

Good vid. I’d rep you if i could

wtf @ sim glitch

I want to know how to do it. That looks like hella crossup protection.

Thats a mad dhalsim glitch. Man seeing the ST sprites feels weird now

i didn’t even notice it was the old sprites until you pointed it out. i’m quite unobservant i guess. song is catchy :slight_smile:

Awesome combo-video! At last we get to see the potential of this glitch.

honestly thats nuts and i hope to not see people exploiting that online…

great vid nonetheless

Is the Dhalsim glitch in the HD mode?

Could someone explain how Guile threw a SB, walked, then threw a second sonic boom while still walking forward?

Dictator cramming 4-5 shorts in there was also curious. How is this possible?

Finally, is this all training mode only, or can this be done in actual game play?

That’s the “left+right” glitch, where you hold left on d-pad and right on analog stick (or vice versa?) and the game accepts both inputs at once:

That was cool. Now I got that song stuck in my head.

What’s the song?

Good thing you got this video in now as it looks like the directional input bug isn’t going to be around much longer.

This is sheer awesome.

fucking awesome once again desk