Remixed ST-only players, enter your ID here


Damn, I’m tired of the lack of good competition available online since SF4 dropped. If you are too, enter your ID here. I want this thread to be for Remixed ST-only players. If you play both SF4 and Remix, don’t enter your ID, as I want this to be a list of SRKers that are only on Remix. If you play both, and want to post your ID, do it here.

PSN: blitzfu
Location: North East


I still play HD Remix, whether I’m good competition is another story.

PSN: TecmoSuperBowl
Location: NYC


PSN: Syxx573
Loc: Midwest

SF4 online sucks


PSN: jpark320
Loc: Midwest

Boo Since SF IV, HD comp lvl way down


I’m still here, screw SFIV. HD remix is still king.

psn id: jimmyjames1700
local: midwest


If there’s enough interest I might run a tourney next week.


PSN: TheBludgeon
Location: Los Angeles



Probably wont see me on much since I still think that ST>>>HDR.


i play sometimes and get killed a lot :smiley:

Area: Northwest


Blitz, I’d be in for sure man.


psn : sait0uski
area: Nor Cal.

st and hdr are my favorites.


My id

My id is Gran_Quesote:

Im looking forward to fighting people from SRK. HD remix rules!!!

Location: Latin America (i have an ok connection and i almost never have lag).