Remixed Tournament Scoreboard


I was looking over the tiers for HDR when an idea came to mind. If I’m not mistaken, normal tiers are usually influenced by live tournaments. I wondered if any data had been compiled regarding the PSN/XBL Remixed Tournament Scoreboard results for use in developing a type of tier list different from normal ones. I think an “Online Tier List” would be interesting, and I haven’t found one for HDR (and even if there is one, I doubt it would be up to date for this year at least).

If one exists or if people think this idea has no value or something, tell me. Otherwise maybe we could look into it.



An interesting idea, but one that isn’t too relative to the scene as a whole. Tier lists are popular because it attempts to list out how characters fit into the meta-game as well as matchup listings. These things are relevant to the competitive scene because it’s taken very seriously and people are trying their best to win.

Online systems in place for fighting games aren’t really taken seriously, since lag has a severe effect on fighting games, whereas it has a fairly minimal effect on other gaming genres. Therefore any online tier listing risks either being not taken seriously or nobody caring about it.


Thanks for your input, glad it’s at least somewhat interesting and not just a stupid idea.

Playing Street Fighter online reminds me of playing Poker online; for example, in Poker certain subtle factors, such as anonymity, weigh in changing the game itself significantly. It’s precisely these types of factors also found in Street Fighter online, like lag, which make it seem like a worthy endeavor to see the specifics of the play changes.

As for people not taking online seriously, I think a significant portion of those playing Scoreboard Tournaments care at least enough to matter, whereas a some random Friendly Matches may inspire less effort.

The list would be a curiosity at best for any people who play exclusively offline, but it may hold some merit for online players.

Overall, I agree with you. It wouldn’t be relative to the scene as a whole.

Anyway, if a few people would be interested, I could help sort PSN server data but I don’t have XBL so if this happens, at least one person would need to.