Remora Official Thread - RGB LED control for MadCatz FightSticks


This will be the official thread for all Remora related happenings.

The Remora is an RGB LED controller. The currently available model is specifically made for Xbox360 model MadCatz FightSticks. It has been successfully tested on V.S. and Pro models of FightSticks, and should work perfectly in all other models as well that use the Xbox360 button distribution board.

Welcome Sheet covering basic usage:

More info as it becomes available. :slight_smile:

Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

what is it? a controller for your own LEDs?

How to go about LED Modding a MCZ TE?

It’s for use with Purplearm’s new LED board, the ArcEye3


Are there any sort of guides or instructions on how to proceed with the installation of both the ArcEye3 and Remora?


I noticed in the gamespot video that justice was not served (framerate mismatch). You guys have to see this thing in person to experience the full baddicleness.


bitches don’t know about my PWM


I got the JST rewiring situated.

I’ve come to install problem though.
The original FightStick PRO Distribution sits close to Buttons.
So the Remora does not clear the Buttons to install in FightStick PRO to screw secure.

I don’t know what Gummo did at EVO to MarkMan’s EVO Stick.
Maybe he glued the Remora down.

I’m going to drill new screw holes for this Remora install.
Or I will just screw down one side, maybe Gummo did that instead glue.


No PS3 models? Haha!


I’m sure he solved the problem with a dremel.


I decided to make two new 5/64" holes.
Professional install.


will be buying this


There are two spots for distro boards in there. Joe and I ran into that one a black TE Pro install over Evo. Put the Remora in the other distro board spot and all of the ribbons reach just fine. IIRC


Just checked out a picture of the Remora…WOW

Do you guys have any pictures of it installed in a TE?


The video of me + purplearms in the first post of the ArcEyes3 thread shows it installed, but it was a quickie install without any wire management. It should do until we can get more pics going.


oh freaking wow this is so genius it replaces where the button distribution board was. You have really out done your self this time must be the bald head8-)


I’m too dumb to see a second spot?


The EVO stick case may have been revised since the Strekken PRO was released.


Dont tell me they use different cases for 360 and PS3 models???


Oh, I don’t pay attention to notice in the SFxT FightStick PRO.

In my EVO Stick install, I drilled new holes on Remora.
Maybe Gummo glued the Remora.

I’m going to look at the EVO Stick of MarkMan soon.
So I will find out.


Quite possible, though surprised no one would have noticed this yet (unless you’re just referring to the EVO model which not many people have had the chance to dissect yet).