Removal of A,B,X,Y,etc from HRAP


I apologize if this has been asked before but I didn’t even know how to search for this. I want to remove the A,B,X,Y,RB,LB,RT,LT labels from my HRAP EX. Is there a non painful way of doing this?

Thank you in advance.



You can get a custom lami-label printed at Kinkos, remove the standard HRAP EX artwork, place your lami-label on your top metal plate and cut out the button holes with an X-Acto knife


Do you know of a good/easy way to remove the standard HRAP artwork?


There is no easy/quick way to remove the HRAP art. I don’t have an hrap, but if the T5 stick (HRAP wannabe released here in the states) is any indication, the artwork is applied to the metal plate with an adhesive that is a pain to remove.

For my T5 stick mod I did years ago, I just ripped the art off and removed the adhesive using WD-40. It was a long, tedious, and messy process, but if you want custom art on it, you gotta do it.


you can always order a plexiglass top and art from arthongs site. that might be a bit more plainless over all. you can just place the art over the top panel and not worry about removing the incredibly adhered hori art.


That works too, but then you’re also subtracting more height from the joystick.


I just did this with my HRAP3 and I really dont notice a difference at all, except for that fact that it looks way better! Oh and I’ve read that the whole lami label thing from Kinkos can start to peel off/get messed up after hard use, and the plexi seems like it will last a lot longer unless you wear a watch or some other jewlery that will scratch it up bad. Also, if you dont feel like printing and cutting your art, Arthong will do it for you for some money. I printed mine on my own and cut it myself and it was kinda a pain in the as. It wasn’t hard, but I’m a graphic designer and have used an xacto knife before, but if this is your first time I would say to have Arthong do it for you.


i used goof off (10x stronger than goo gone) and a painters knife/scraper to get the big stuff and then goof off plus a rag to get the rest, then arts plexi on top. but seriously that glue is a pain in the ass.


To remove artwork from hrap stick you peel it off. The adhesive removal is a pain in the butt
if you want to remove art and add art all at the same time then i suggest using brake cleaner or engine degreaser and a wire brush/scraping tool. Thats what i use when i need it done quick. But if you have time to wait. Just stick your plate in a bucket of water with mopping solution and let it soak over night. It will scrap off really easy after that.

I added a plexi to one of my t5, i hated the height it added. Plus it made my wrists very uncomfortable after 5 mins of play. Sold that sucker, lamilabel is the way to go for me

If you do the lamilabel correctly, you wont have any trouble with peeling.
First print your artwork on legal sized paper. Cut out your temaplate from the paper. Make sure to cut as close/perfectly as possible. Then have it lami’d. Now when you cut it out make sure to leave a small space from the edges of your artwork. Reason for this is, if you cut right on the line then you cut the protective layering of the lamilabel. Thats what causes it to peel. You dont have to be so precise on the button/screw holes since the buttons/screws will keep it from peeling anyway.


to take off the adhesive, I use Goo Gone, spray it, wait a few minutes then the residue scrapes off easily, and its okay to get on your hands (it’s just greasy, that’s all).