Removal of emotion engine from PS3

The upcoming removal of the Emotion chip that has been announced for future PS3s will eliminate hardware emulation for backwards compatibility and replace it with software emulation. I’m trying to figure out how this will affect timing issues in fighting games, and whether there is a window of opportunity that is closing with regards to backward compatibility for fighting games. Lots of questions here… sorry if these were asked before but I’ve been searching all morning and still can’t answer them.

Where are we now?
(wordier: For existing PS3s with the Emotion chip, what fighting games have timing issues? interested mostly in Capcom and SNK 2D fighters)

Where is the EU now (aka where will the NA soon be)?
(wordier: The initial EU PS3 has no Emotion chip and uses software-based emulation. Do they have timing issues on fighting games that the NA does not?)

How does future support look for software emulation?
(wordier: Has Sony made any claims or shown any progress that indicates that software emulation might be able to eliminate timing delays in fighting games?)

How does future support look for PS3s with the emotion chip?
(wordier: Will Sony support this model less than the newer ones? Or will they do a firmware upgrade that causes the existing PS3s to ignore the Emotion chip and act like the new PS3s? It would be just like Sony to do that… easier to support anyway.)

Overall, what is your recommendation for the soon-to-be-gone PS3 with an Emotion chip?
(wordier: Are the timing issues severe enough on the existing PS3s that there is no point getting an Emotion chip PS3 for use with a previous-gen 2D fighting game? Is there enough hope for the software emulation that the Emotion chip PS3 should be avoided? And overall, is there a point getting either PS3 for use with previous-gen fighters? In other words, could someone eventually use one or the other or both of these PS3s for a tournament without the participants crying foul?)

All I know is that there is no chance in hell I’ll be throwing out my PS2 anytime soon. Infact I’ll be buying a new one just incase this one breaks down.

I’d still like a PS3 though, one of these days.


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I guess this will increase the rarity of first edition PS3’s…

yeah, the UK version never had it and it cost’s $900. I think there’s little point in using the PS3 for fighting games anyway, considering the joystick issues. Plus I assume that few of them will play absolutely perfectly as they aren’t running on the intended hardware. Even the PS2 had small differences when running PS1 fighting games.

What are the joystick issues? PS2 pads with the converter seem to work fine. PS3 pads work fine.

Heh I just did the same thing today, for 40 bucks.First time ebaying :rofl: Also ordered that network adapter and a hardrive, gonna be putting a lot of games on that bitch!!

I believe software emulation means that we have to wait for Sony to put out a firmware update in order for us to play our games. Whereas with hardware emulation, it was already there and all PS2/PSX games worked right out of the box with the PS3.

So it’s kinda like Microsoft’s backwards compatibility where they would update their list of games for people to play their old Xbox games on their 360.

It has nothing to do with lag since HD will always lag. And to solve that, you have the Pelican converters that DreamTR helped make for the PS3. They reduce lag to zero.

The PS3 shouldn’t even be used for backwards compatibility of fighting games, since the PS3’s de-interlacing methodology leaves a lot to be desired. Although it up-scales the image to the HD res of your TV to avoid lag, it takes the PS3 2 frames with a buffer in order to do so, so you end up lagging, anyway.

Good thing I got mine late last year.

Yes, I’m familiar with lag at the HDTV level and the ways to get around it, thank you.

Thanks, that’s more along the lines of what I’m looking for. So there is no way to disable the de-interlacing and have the PS3 output the signal as-is, eh? I would agree that -2 fps is unacceptable.

Hope this is just a coincidence: I had Chinese for lunch… the cookie’s fortune said, “A bargain is only a bargain if you can use the product.”

the issue of me having to buy something extra so I can use my HRAP. I really don’t see the point in using a 400 machine to play CvS2 or whatever else.

Yeah, as far as I know, there’s no way around the 2fps lag with BC games on the PS3. I know if you use progressive mode on a BC game, it ignores the upscaling, though. If you have an EDTV or something, it’d be perfect, lol. I’m not sure about a PS3 hooked up to a SD TV, though…maybe it won’t try to scale or sample the image in any way if it’s outputting to a 480i signal? I haven’t bothered caring about SDTV’s since I made the switch, so I’m unsure.

this may not be a bad thing, this may be an great thing. As some of you know the reason aparently ps3’s PS2 compatibility is not regionless is because of having the ps2 hardware in there. now if its emulated it may be region free like ps3 games

If you play PS3 on an SDTV, the PS3 will actually output 480i to eliminate the 2 frame upscaling lag.

On an HDTV, you can disable 480p output if you’re using Component cables, but then the HDTV will lag. With HDMI, you cannot disable the 480p output at all, so the PS3 lags no matter what.

This is only concerning backwards compatibility, of course!

I was wondering when the HDTV guru would pop out of the woodwork. =)

Isn’t PS3 backwards compatibility region-locked anyway? If that is still true I don’t think I would even care about it anyway and keep my PS2.