Remove 4-mk, 6-mk, and all the non-ex version of spinning bird kick

I am probably not the only one who wants to remove 4-mk, 6-mk, and all the non-ex version of spinning bird kick from chun’s move list.
It is annoying when one of these moves come up but you actually want to use mk anti air or ex spinning bird kick.
Do you guys think it maybe helpful to write to Capcom and ask them to redesign these skills? Chun is my favorite character, but some of her beautiful moves seem sloppy, if not completely useless.

While i agree that a redesign would be nice, especially for the non-EX versions of SBK to be more than just a part of a confirmed combo, the problem with and is more of an execution issue. They have their uses, being the more useful imho as it can throw your opponent off because of its ultra long startup and good recovery :stuck_out_tongue: if you accidentially do a on block though, you’re done for.

Also, if you want to make a balance request it would be better to use this thread instead.

only ex and mk spinning bird kick as any use. its stupid but makes sense too.

Sick Avatar (am a fan of Sakura, I have an amazingly awesome scrubby Sakura as an alt)…Sorry I am posting loads just to waste the last few minutes of my working day… And imo even MK SBK is barely useful, given her other options but hey I know a lot of Chuns use it

I’ve had an idea of using :lk: SBK instead of :mk: SBK kind of like a fake since it’s shorter and you could probably go for a tick throw. That would be nice if we got rid of the target combo Tensho Kyaku and replaced it with a command that can have EX as well. I’m thinking that’s just wishful thinking and it would make Chun li too much better having 2 good invincible attacks.

If Chun had Tenshokyaku as a command move rather than a target combo, :f::d::df:+:mk: for example, she’d be broken. Anti-air Tenshokyaku FADC Ultra 2? DROOL.

However –

I have seen some uses for f+MK as a bait and as a frame trap. If you do it close to your opponent as they’re waking up, sometimes they think they can beat it with a Reversal. It also has deceivingly good range and a decent hitbox. Too bad it’s impossible to kara EX Legs (as far as I know).

b+MK target combo has decent use in footsies and is an easy hit-confirm into Ultra 2 or a juggle into Ultra 1 in the corner.

Last thing. I am hella rusty since I haven’t played in months, but yesterday I was doing SBKs when I meant to do Hazanshus (an old problem for me that I thought I’d gotten rid of, but I guess time brings back my execution problems), and was noticing that Chun’s hitbox is kind of wonky on the startup of non-EX SBK. I was anti-airing a lot of things with it that I didn’t think I’d be anti-airing.

Also, it works against opponents who use Focus Attack a lot.

I rate both b+MK (I use this fairly often) and m.SBK. I use both quite regularly in general play.

I’m actually a huge fan of f+mk. I use it a lot. I find it’s forward movement to be extremely valuable. It helps keep pressure during and after poke strings, especially against a cornered opponent. I will sometimes use it to foil an opponents crossup jumpin, and you can link cr.lp off of counterhit. It’s almost like Ken’s f+mk.

Yeah I’ve started to use this move a LOT more, when spaced right its pretty nice I find actually and when characters are cornered you can use it very effectively in conjunction with and her other good pokes to put pressure on. I always thought it was an awful and pointless move until recently but I’ve been putting time in in training to try and improve my spacing and whiff punishing and as a general footsie tool I think its pretty underrated

to me is a shitty “hop kick”, is slow and doesnt go over lows, but yeah other than that is a solid move, oh and CH is +4 (spaced is +6) is possible to link a tight timing tho

Yeah it is tight but even if dropped it makes a decent frametrap and is really useful against Viper and Rog I find as another option on their wake ups on their wake up? im pretty sure you´ll get headbutt´d and seismo´d for doing that o_o

DON’T remove b+mk or f+mk… I use those!

I use all of Chun’s moves except maybe LK legs~LK Legs~LK Legs (i.e. Light version of lightning legs extended to 12 hits) because those are damn near impossible to land.

Also, it’s not that hard to adjust to going to neutral if you wanna just use st. mk as an anti-air.

Sorry I misread what was said I meant I use on their wake up sorry, yeah would be a pretty insane thing to throw out… totally my bad

don’t remove non ex SBK, i use the mk version in combo,cr.hp xx mk SBK, (super if i have)
and my flashy finishing combo is focus attack, b+mk,mk FADC headstomps.