"Removed!" - The Decapre Combo Thread

Updated 6/6/14 Just a few more things added from some posts. Thank you to all who are contributing. You can always PM me stuff that needs to be here as well. I check this everyday! On a side note for anyone having trouble getting hands, I find cr.:mp:, :lp:, :hp:, :lp:, :hp: - As posted by Materia to be MUCH easier! Also the last new segment of numbers was off, and Rafael reposted with the appropriate numbers which are now in here! Keep at it everyone! : D

c.:lp:, c.:lp:, c.:mp: > Ender of Choice

cr.:lk:, cr.:lp:, cr.:mk: xx Sting

cr.:lk:, cr.:lp:, cr.:mp: xx hands

cr.:lp:, TC2, air throw

st.:hp:, c.:mk: xx Sting

st.:hp:, cr.:mk: xx Sting

j.:hp:, s.:hp:, cr.:mp:, :hp: Sting

cr.:lk: > cs.:lp: > cr.:mk: or cr.:mp: xx Hands or :b::f::lk::lk:

  • Easiest BnB that works from a low after a crossup. cs.:lp: is +7, so combo routes that use the move are the easiest to perfom. Tested on Decapre and Ryu (croucing and standing).

cs.:lp: > U2

  • Works. Still not sure if U2 is 6 or 7 frames. I managed to punish Decapre’s cs.:hk: with it (which is -6), but can’t seem to combo into U2 from cr.:mp: (which is +6). Might have something to do with the distance.

CH cr.:hp: > U2 or cr.:hk:

cr.:lk: > cs.:lp: > cr.:hk: 1 Frame Link

  • Useful is people find good setups after sweep. 1 frame link.

cs.:lp: > cr.:hp: > cr.:lk:

  • Might lead into some good stuff on other characters.

j.:hp: > cs.:hp: > cr.:lk: or cr.:mk: > :d::up::p: FADC > Air Throw
400+ damage off a jump-in that uses two meters.

jump :hp:, cl.:hp:, cr. :hp:, Sting (:hp:) FADC air-throw

j.:hp:, :hp:, cr.:mk:, EXRapidDagger, U1

j.:lk: > cr.:lp: > TC2 > Airthrow

cr.:lp:, st.:mp:, st.:hk:, ultra 2

J.:hp:, cl.:hp:, cr. :hp:, Sting (HP) FADC air-throw 460 damage 676 stun - Character Specific - Works on Dudley and Fei - Not on Decapre (Will test the cast and see who it works on)

EX Rapid Dagger connects to U1 in the corner
j.:hp:, st.:hp:, cr.:mk:, EXRapidDagger, U1
U1 also juggles from raw Break

c.:lp:, c.:mp:, c.:mk: xx Sting.

st.:hk:, cr.:mk:, :hp: Sting

EX Ground Pound -> :mp: Sting -> DCM

On CH cl.:mp:

CH cl.:mp:, cl.:mp: > :hk:, Air Throw - 305 Damage Performing this requires you to move forward slightly after the first cl.MP

Still Possible without CH but so much easier
CH cl.:mp:, cr.:mp:, cr.:mk: xx :hp: Hands - 268 Damage
CH cl.:mp:, cr.:mp:, cr.:mp: xx L Scramble > Razor Edge Slicer - 261 Damage

(in corner)

CH cl.:mp:, cr.:mp: xx EX-Hands, Ultra 1- 416 Damage
CH cl.:mp:, cr.:mp:, cr.:mk: xx EX-Hands, Ultra 1- 453 Damage

focus lv2->
cl.:hp:, cr.:mp: xx :hp: stinger: 294. 2f link.
cl.:hp:, cr.:mp: xx :lk: scramble-slide: 246, hard knockdown.
cr.:hp:, cr.:mp: xx :hp: stinger: 302. but i’m not sure if crHP whiffs on some people during crumple? also this is a 1f link
cl.:mp:-:hk: jump air throw : 263. also hard knockdown.
cl.:hp:-:hk: ultra 2: 395 w/ max u2
:hp: break -> :mp: stinger 274 dmg

so, if near the corner/wanting damage, i would suggest the cl.:hp:/cr.:hp: , cr.:mp:, :hp: stinger combo
otherwise, TC air throw for corner push and hard knockdown setup. losing 20-25 damage but the mixup off stinger is not very good.

cl.:mp:, cr.:lp:, cr.:ml:, :hp: stinger/:lk: slide: this gives you enough time to charge and isn’t two 1f links (cr.:hp:, link stinger, which is sometimes char specific?)
269 dmg with stinger, 229 with slide

cr.:mk:, :lp: hands (3 hits) red focus (176 dmg at this point) ->
cl.:hp:, cr.:mp: xx :hp: stinger: 327
cl.:hp:, cr.:mp: xx :lk: scramble-slide: 295 hard knockdown.
cr.:hp:, cr.:mp: xx :hp: stinger: 333. not really worth it at this point
cl.:mp:-:hk: jump air throw : 305. also hard knockdown.
cl.:mp:-:hk: ultra 2: 379, w max u2.

hitconfirm red focus round ender (ultra2)
cr.:lp: cr.:lp: cr.:mk: xx :hp: hands (7 hits), red focus, cl.:mp:-:hk:, ultra 2: 277. although remember to factor in guts

  • cl.:mp:, cr.:mp:, cr.:mk: xx EX hands 288/441 OR 299/455 * - See spoiler for list

works on:
chun li(s all hits/c)
e. ryu (s/c)
blanka(c all hits)
fei long©

On every character but standing chun and crouching blanka the first hit of ex hands whiffs and the combo deals a total of 288/441. Against blanka and chun all hits connect and it deals 299/455.[/details]

I’ve just been using basic hit-confirms like c.lp, c.lp, c.mp with various enders, usually hp Poison Sting.

These are probably terrible because I am terrible, but here goes:

cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.mk xx uppercut thing (FADC air throw afterwards if you like) (209, or 287 with the FADC)

cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.mp xx hands (cancel into super if you like) (really easy to slide back and forth in different directions from your cr.mp to get either LP or HP slide) (156 if you do light hands, 167 if you do heavy i think, but i suck at doing hands so might be getting the wrong ones. damage with the super depends on how late you cancel the hands but it’s around 300-360).

**cr.lp, target combo (cl.mp into st.hk) jump cancel into air throw **(237) (you’ll probably confirm off a jump in though - starting from j.lk drops the damage to 233; starting with j.hp or j.hk raises it to 303)

Any contribution is better than none.
Also it’s worth mentioning that, for those who haven’t seen the video but see this thread, you can combo ex scramble with hp ender to air ultra 2 for one bar. It’s tight, but if you can do it semi-consistently it could make a world of difference.

been testing some stuff out to. I find the cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.mk xx uppercut to be easier if you replace cr.mk with cr.mp. But that might just be me.

Easy combo into hands, you can just spam cr.mp, cr.mp xx hands (just dont mash to fast so the seccond cr.mp doesnt come out), doubt its very useful though since here uppercut combos seems to be more effective.

on max range you can overhead to c.lk xx uppercut (tested this on bison), the ocerhead needs to be max range though so you hit asa low as possible for c.lk to connect.

as shown in previous thread her standing hp, c.mk xx uppercut seems to be one of the better punishers if you find youself in a situation where you can get a free combo.

Nice, thanks - st.hp, cr.mk xx uppercut is 283 damage (and like you said about the other combo you can swap cr.mk for cr.mp if you want). Seems like you can FADC into air throw as well for 374.

I like cr.mp spam into hands too! You can also confirm from a low by doing cr.lk, mash cr.lp twice (comes out once), mass cr.mp (gives one cr.mp xx hands).

Can’t get overhead to link into cr.lk against crouching Gief so I guess that’s hurtbox-dependent.

I just turned off my xbox, but I’m almost positive I’ve been doing it without any meter.

I imagine you can do that, but I haven’t had much time to test things and just remembered that from the video.

Any combos into ultras?

can you combo into or out of her air charge spiral arrow thing? been trying but to no avail.

trying to find ways to combo into her rapid dagger (mash punch) move…but i haven’t found it useful outside of a jump in. not used to mash/turbo characters so i could just be pianoing shitty. that mashing medium punch works well but i would like to find a consistent way to use it.

j.hp, s.hp, cr.mp, hp.sting, fadc airthrow does a nice 432 dmg for 2 bars.

it’s funny because i had absolutely no intentions of playing this character but now i’m hooked lol.

So far I have Scramble Break into the anti air DMC, there must be more ways, I’ll let you know

yes. so far i’ve found - scramble>break, ultra 1 and ex scramble>razor’s edge slicer, ultra 2. i’m guessing you could also do the equivalent of flash kick fadc sonic hurricane using ultra 1 too, but not really ever going to be worth the bar.

I know I did a standing lp into DCM, but haven’t replicated it. You can do ex scramble to ex dp to AA DCM, though it’s tight, you have to do the DP as early as possible it seems or else they’ll be too low for the ultra.


Anti-air EX Sting (uppercut) can combo into aa U2
aa EX sting into normal sting also works

the one that looks like ex cannon strike combos into ultra 2.

the divekick? then yes, because the slide is a knockdown and u2 is not OTG lol

whoops - forgive me for only being familiar with her move names for 5 mins lol.

Can you trade AA sting into U2? Can’t get to my xbox right now to test

you´re not forgiven because the names are from sf2… at least 20 years old lol