Nice cases.

It seems like the screws coming out of the top panel would intrude with play. Have you tried countersinking a flat screw?


That’s a lot of runs and orange peel. I know you’re only charging $25 for a finish, but c’mon.

You’re seriously ok with selling that stick with that glue joint?


stated by others, i think you need to work on your technique before you start selling (not trying to be a dick, just constructive criticism). i agree the screws need to be countersunk for comfortable play and those glue joints could use work. $275 is a steep price for what you’re offering now. but if you’re passionate and committed to getting better, looking forward to seeing an improved product, good luck.


Yes, way too high. Foe Hammer and ArcadePC sell painted, empty cases for much less. I’ll give you props for being able to bang one out in two weeks, the wait time for those other companies is much longer. However, it also shows in the final product.


How do you take no money before shipping, but then require money for materials, which would imply taking money before shipping. You should probably change the wording on that line. To something like “small down payment required.”


thanks for all the advice. These were all my first boxes the spider man one was the last one I made when I got it down. As for the screws I have that taken care of now. Ss my new boxes are made I will change these photos.

what glue joint? this box has not been putty’d or painted yet the space you see needs to be filled prior to finishing. I use box joints and route the edges so when you do that some times it reveals spaces. This is not a defect its just the process I fill the space with either the saw dust shavings left over or putty. It all depends on how I’m finishing it. In this case its being painted so I will just putty . As for my runs I took care of that I just purchased a spray booth and air gun. The next ones will look totally different.

thanks for the comments I appreciate it


Thank you for the advice I have made corrections


Yup next one screws are completely hidden :slight_smile:


I don’t understand why you didn’t just cut a new piece? It’s poplar.

I guess I just have higher standards for this type of thing. Maybe someone won’t mind, but I agree with the other guy who said the price is too high. It looks like you’re still learning how to do this, which means you probably shouldn’t be trying to sell at a premium. Foehammer blanks are like $120. I would make that the base price and then add to it for exotic woods and finishing. I’m sure you have all the templates and everything already made, so I can’t imagine it taking more than a day to bust out a poplar blank if you make them to order.

This isn’t meant to be an attack, btw. Just an opinion from another woodworker.


Thank you for the advice look forward to showing the completed project and removing my first generation Box pics :slight_smile: