Removing a TE's side bezels


This may be a noobish question, but if I want to take off the side bezels from my TE in the easiest way possible, I just remove the bottom panel and pop a few tabs? or are there a few extra screws and such? I’d rather not open it up myself and gamble just yet, my modding exp is still scrubby.

I just wanna get them off to dye them, quick and easy


Not so quick. You have to take it apart. There are three screws on under side of the top part of the panel you can’t get to without taking the whole thing apart. Get screwin’ with the driver and get all the screws off the bottom side so you can take the shell apart in half, so you can access those unseen screws.


What James said. Remove top and bottom plates, then remove screws from bottom beneath the metal plate. Then split the body and remove the 3 screws from each side panel and “ding! Fries are done.”


Out of curiosity what color are your sides and what color are you going to paint them?


Currently Black since its a round2 TE, looking at Dupli Color’s Burgundy Vinyl Dye. I think the red would be a little overpowering with the template Im working on


Far as I know, you’ll have to dye it white first regardless.