Removing Adhesives?!?


Hey guys,

I’m going to be modding some Honcam sticks I purchased on ebay this weekend. However, I am kind of clueless about how to remove the original art work adhesive. Prying off the original artwork was easy, but the adhesive/glue is still there. I’ve tried washing/scrubbing/submerging the plastic housing, but its been nothing but epic fail. :frowning:

Will rubbing alcohol remove it? I want to have a clean stick before testing the new parts and adding new artwork. Thx. :slight_smile:


Try using lighter fluid: you just squirt it on and rub off anything sticky before it evaporates. (To clarify, you’re not igniting it.) Repeat as necessary.

It does leave a funny smell though, so you’ll want to wash the surface off with soap and water afterward.


Goo Gone is also a time-tested tool to attack tack.


Yep, and the local dollar store carries it here (Dollar Tree).


Wow! That was fast. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!


I second this, I use lighter fluid to remove price stickers from my used games/movies.


Goo Gone, Krud Kutter and Bug and Tar Remover all work.


Goo Gone has never let me down yet.


Lighter fluid is a good solvent but is more likely to damage plastic products than Goo Gone. (Which is also a solvent but is actually tested against plastic products.)


No matter what you use test it on a small area first to make sure it doesn’t cause discoloration or weaken the plastic.


Goo Gone is gdlk.


QFT, Goo Gone > all.


i use

it was the only thing target had but it works amazingly well and it leaves a pretty good orange scent. i have used it so many times and Im not even close to 1/8th done with the bottle. Theres so much its like i dont have to buy any for the next 10 years…


I’ve used nail polish remover and hydrogen peroxide both to get adhesive off, and both work decently well.


I can vouch for nail polish remover as well. Has saved me a couple times when I got hot glue on the plexi.


I’m going to go with Goo Gone as well, but Nail Polish Remover is also a really good solvent.

If you really want to get rid of something and your in kind of a pinch and it’s not plastic, try some paint remover.


Paint thinner works also, just make sure you test first because depending on the surface, you may remove more than you intend to (ie paint, dull a finish, etc.)


Sometimes if I don’t have any chemicals handy, I just tear off strips of duct tape, stick them to the surface that needs cleaning, and then just pull the tape off. Since duct tape is stickier than the plastic or metal surfaces, the leftover adhesive will have a tendency to stick to the tape instead. Once the strip of tape stops pulling away adhesive, I switch to a fresh piece and repeat.