Removing Analog stick's from PCB

Sorry if this has been posted before but I am making custom stick with the popular MadCatz arcade PCB and I removed the Analog sticks does anyone know what I have to do to keep the Xbox from thinking they are engaged like I need a certain resistors or something?? from all the photo’s i have have seen I noticed most people leave the sticks alone but its too late for this PCB
Thanks Guys

I also desoldered the analog sticks from a madcatz arcade stick and replaced each pot with two same-value resistors. If the pots pins are 1 2 3, then put a resistor between 1 and 2 and another between 2 and 3. The pot will be “perfectly” centered (in fact no because of the variations of resistance values from one resistor to another).

Is there any chance that you happen to have any photo’s of this but either way thank a lot