Removing buttons from a namco

how do i remove the buttons from the black plastic part in a namco stick

do i use needle nose pliars?

also can i replace the buttons with seimitsu buttons, and keep the old actuators (i think this is the black part?)

you mean the microswitch on the bottom of the button?

you have to take apart the button first. use the tabs on the sides of the button to push the top part off. from there, you can just push the microswitch out.

you can swap these namco microswitches into the seimitsu buttons. itll make it hella eaiser to mod since you wont have to mess with the pcb.

and, do you have anything planned for the namco buttons? ill buy them off you, even without the switches, for 10$ + shipping

ah ok

but what do i use to push the microswitches out, it takes alot of pressure for em to come out, just wondering if needle nosed pliars would do the trick (dont have any atm)

I don’t think you guys are talking about the same thing. tolkien, it would help if you posted a picture. Are you talking about the black part of the button itself which is protruding from the bottom of the colored part (that is the microswitch). If so you can just use your fingers to press in the little tabs on the sides and put them upwards (remember you need to remove the plunger part of the button out of the top first).

If by black plastic part, you mean part of the actual case of the stick, you would have to again take a picture to make it more clear what part you’re referring to.


yes paik the microswitches on the buttons

i was trying to remove the buttons without taking the plunger out

how do i remove that?

The button should have some slots on the sides where you will see parts of the plunger. You need to push those in slightly and push them upwards. You can do this using a small enough screwdriver or anything long and thin enough to fit in there. There’s one of these on each side. It’s a simple task.


i just cant get it out cos theyre apart of the microswitch im pretty sure

ive heard a few cracks but they still arent coming out

how much force should i be using

well one of the buttons came out but the microswitch snapped off the board at the same time

will this be hard to resolder?

Man, that sucks that it came off the board. It shouldn’t be hard to resolder. Just remember to remove all the solder that was left over first. Then start soldering from the clean surface and add new solder.

I don’t see why you would keep the stock microswitches in the stick unless you just didn’t want to go through the hassle of soldering in the new buttons. If I were in your position, I’d probably desolder all the buttons from the PCB, solder some wires into place on the PCB, attach some quick disconnects on the other end of the wires, and attach those to the new buttons. This way it would be easy to replace the buttons again in the future. But that’s just me…


ah but theres just hardly any clearance between the microswitches and pcb

ill be using the seimitsu microswitches instead of the horis if they fit without modification

yes i ordered a soldering iron and im going to desolder them all

you would have to remove the buttons from the stick before you can remove the microswitches off the buttons because they are soldered on the pcb.

i cannot remove the buttons unless the microswitches are desoldered


i cannot remove the buttons unless the microswitches are desoldered


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