Removing c-rings from the bottom of LS-32 Joystick

I’ve done a search with minimal results, and I’ve posted in the noob thread with no responses; I feel that if I open a new thread then perhaps I’ll get some better input.

I’d like to do a spring mod similar to the ones that people have been doing to their sanwa JLFs. However, when I looked at the bottom of the LS-32, there wasn’t an e-ring, but a c-ring, which surrounds most of the shaft and is nigh impossible to remove. I see tools for installation/removal, but they’re all at least $55 and I don’t think it’s a wise investment (I probably won’t be buying anymore LS-32 sticks). Has anyone had success getting c-rings off?

Slagcoin picture of the c-ring: (It’s between the dust ring and the microswitches)

if you want to mod it then just stick with the jlf the ls 32 doesnt seem modable

You’d best be joking Agent X! :confused:

The LS-32 is quite modable actually. You can replace the shaft assembly with an LS-40 shaft to give it a proper shaft cover, you can perform a spring mod, and you can even bend the microswitch prongs a little to increase the sensitivity. It’s not any more lacking in terms of what you can do to it than a Sanwa JLF.

dancing_destroyer, I’d suggest you do what slagcoin mentioned on his site. That is to say, grab a friend, get two pieces of tough string (or preferably copper wire), thread them between each of the C-ring’s hooks, then just yank it off. Although you’ll have to go to your local Home Depot, Lowes, or wherever to get a replacement E-ring (again, slagcoin’s site mentions a very comfortable size you can use), it’s definitely way better than investing in C-ring removal tools. Hope that helped man. Good luck with your spring mod! :tup:

I did see this on the site, however the plastic cap on the end of the shaft extends over the hooks of the c-ring, and I’m finding it highly difficult to work any copper wire in there. I may play around with this technique a little more, but it’s not looking promising. As you’ve already referenced, I have no problems breaking the c-ring and putting the comparable e-ring on instead. In any case, thanks for your help.

If anyone has any suggestions in light of my issues, please feel free.

use a c-ring pliers, they’re designed to take the c-ring on and off without damage to the ring or your LS. Check your local hardware store.

I think Nizz’s is definitely the best suggestion if you don’t want to go about replacing hardware that doesn’t need to be replaced.

I’ve heard the LS-40 shaft replacement argument before but I think it’s needless to do that.

Besides, the only place online that I’ve seen that sells a bunch of these Seimitsu parts separately is Akakihabarashop and that’s closed until at least later this week for a server upgrade. Unless you happen to find an SRK member who has a bunch of spare parts he’s not going to use (including an LS-40 shaft), what’s the point of buying single parts and paying shipping that costs more than the part(s) in question?

If you want to put a cover on the LS-32 like I did, then mod a a JLF-CD cover if you have a spare JLF-CD set and small metal files. (I use a round coarse file to do most of the thinning out and a smooth semicircular file to smooth the interior out after the coarse file’s work is done.) Spread the work apart between two days if you have to because you’ll need to thin out the JLF-CD cover from the inside to about half its normal thickness to fit the LS-32-01 shaft. It takes about 30-45 minutes to do this by hand with small files. You have to stop using the coarse file occasionally to clean the plastic filings off so that the file works properly. I don’t know of a drill bit you can use to speed this work up without destroying the JLF-CD. Regardless, when you are working with pieces this small, I think you have to do it by hand and take your time. Using a power tool makes it more likely you will both destroy the JLF-CD and hurt your hand.

(People have said there is PVC piping sold in Europe that fits the LS-32 shaft but unless you live in Europe what good does that do you? I don’t know of PVC pipes sold in the US that are that thin and readily available.)

After you’ve thinned the JLF-CD to fit the LS-32-01 shaft, you have to cut off about 3/16 of an inch from the top of the cover to fit the shaft since the LS-32-01 shaft is shorter than the JLF stick shaft. I used a dremel with a spinning sander/cutter wheel to cut the JLF-CD down in height.

It’s worth the effort if you have the file tools and dremel to do the mod. Most of us will collect those tools and use them over time for other household purposes so it might be worth it to buy them anyway, mod or no mod. You don’t have to spend top dollar on tools though and can get reasonably priced file sets and dremels that don’t cost more than $20 and $60 respectively.

$55 makes no sense at all. I bought my circlip pliers (that’s the name of the tool) in a hardware store for about $10 and they work great:

I’m sure you can get them for a similar price in the US too. For instance:

Make sure they’re made for external rings and compatible with a diameter of 10mm (mine are 10-25mm) or they won’t fit the Seinitsu ring.


Usually the people/sales associates that tell you that you have to spend $20 or more for basic hand-held tools are full of it…

I’ve encountered that a few times at Home Depot and Lowes.

You’re seriously better off looking at an independent hardware store or Ace Hardware.

The people at the smaller stores are generally more knowledgeable and lots of times more honest than the people at Lowes or Home Depot.

(Both my dad and myself have had negative experiences at Home Depot/Lowes, btw, so be careful asking their sales associates about tools.

(And no, I DID NOT buy the tools that were recommended to me at Home Depot. I ended up finding them cheaper somewhere else and still use those tools to this day.)

I’d be surprised you’d have to spend more than $12 for a glorified pair of pliers!

I’d think you’d be able to get a decent-quality tool like that for $8, max. I paid less than that for my combination wirestripper/wire cutter/hex bolt cutter tool at a local Ace Hardware.

I have 3 LS32’s and they all have replacement Erings. 2 of them i got them that way in a trade, and my newer one i did myself. I just cut the C ring with a pair of VERY small pliers i had and threw the new E ring on.

Makes life so easy when you need to switch something out. And yes, I cut the gate, hate having to remove it if i need to get to the switches or whatever else i need to do.

Nevermind, don’t want to side track this thread.

Thanks to each one of you for your assistance. I’ll look for these c-ring pliers.

EDIT: Independent/small hardware stores, indeed. Ace has a set for ~$16: