Removing glue (adhesive) off of plexi


I’m trying to get all of the glue off of a plexi that I have without damaging it. This is for an official hitbox controller. They apparently print the artwork and then cover the plexi (or picture) with some sort of adhesive. I got the paper off, so now it is just a mess of glue on said plexi.

Anyone know what would be the easiest way to strip this off? I have a mess of paint strippers, acetone, mineral spirits and aircraft stripper here, but I think some might damage the plexi.


I would try soap, water, and friction before any kind of harsh stripper.


Don’t use acetone on plexi. It’s known to fuse/melt two pieces of plexi together. Rubbing alcohol will do the same.

Bestine is safe for the paper and plexi, but it’s not good to inhale or touch. Use gloves.
Soap is definitely safe, but could get everything wet if you can’t disassemble your stuff.