Removing Hori buttons from DoA 4 Stick


I’m trying to remove the metal faceplate from the DoA 4 Hori stick. I want to keep the buttons so I’d like to do this without desoldering them. I did put in a Sanwa stick (with solder) so that’s going to be fun. But I need the face plate off and the PCB to be taken out for artistic reasons.

It looks like there are places on the sides of the buttons that I can pull out the button from the microswitch…am I right or am I living a pipe dream?

Any help would be appreciated. Also, as I mentioned in the template thread, if anyone has a template for the face of this stick it would great!

Thank you,
Jonathon “Pac” Maness

Not gonna happen, the microswitch can only be removed up through the button which obviously won’t work while soldered to a PCB.

So the microswitches on these don’t disconnect from the button itself?

they do but they have to be removed through the top of the button. they won’t come out with the pcb still attached.