Removing hrap3 buttons without touching lid


hey, i was just wondering, wasn’t there an alterate method of removing snapins without touching/unscrewing the lid?
i think this was done by getting a flathead screwdriver and removing the middle section of the button (the part you press) then depressing the tabs from inside and simply taking off the quick disconnects then simply snapping in obsf30’s
this true?


That just sounds wrong. Open the lid.


I can’t fault you for asking the lids on non SA’s are a pretty pain in the ass, but yea unless you want to mess up you buttons…open the lid


go ahead and try dont be whining and crap if you break something


its possible my friend removed the middle section with out taking the lid off think he used a flat head i dont recomend that method at all


It is pretty tedious unscrewing , but it is easier and safer than the method you mentioned.