Removing JLF faceplate

So I got this close to finally completing this bloody stick mod and now I find that I can’t remove the faceplate from the stick I ordered because none of the phillips head screwdrivers I have will work on the screws that hold the faceplate to the stick because they have a weird arse slightly shallower drive shape.

Can anyone tell me, I don’t know, the model name or something for the screwdriver I need to remove this thing?

I will just say that they can be incredibly hard to remove, especially without stripping the screws. Hopefully someone can recommend a screwdriver for it. If not, you could just buy the JLF main body (from Lizard Lick) and attach the rest of the parts to it. Cheers.

Used a regular Phillips from Stanley and it worked fine.

The size of the Phillips is a P2.

I’m hoping needlenose pliers from the bottom will work because while I had what I think was an appropriately sized screwdriver, (I tried several different sizes) I didn’t see that mine had red warranty glue on the bottom of the screws, just tried to disassemble it first. Soooo I stripped all of the screwheads anyway without actually getting more than one of them off. . . Did Hori do that or did Sanwa? Either way, I’m not feeling very bright.

You might want to disassemble yours from the bottom to see if you have the same problem…

Also, if you buy the main body from lizardlick, don’t forget to order new screws to go along with it.

just push it in and turn it hard, the warranty glue does nothing but hold down the bolts in place (just like the TE’s M3 bolts on the top panel)

if you have the appropriate screwdriver head (that fills the entire screw head not just a part), this would not be a problem