Removing microswitch pins


Hi i recently wanted to change the buttons on my mk9 fighstick and the pins that are connected to the microswitch are impossible to remove. Ive used plyers and they still dont come off. Theses microswitches arnt even suzo happ, there some other crap brand. I was wondering if there is a specific way to remove these.
Heres a photo of the switch


Those are .187 quick disconnects, slip a flathead screwdriver there and gently twist to push them out.


Happ uses E-Switch microswitches now. Those are Zippy microswitches, another brand. Don’t know much about those, other than that GroovyGameGear’s “Groovy Soft Touch” switches are made by Zippy.


I prefer Omron or Cherry myself.


Yea, had to use a 1.8x25 flat head to get it off but it worked. The zippy switches are terrible, they dont respond until fully pressed down.
Thanks for the advice