Removing rubber piece on pad cord


Hello!! It’s me again, with another newbie question!!

I know you can use the original Fightpad Cord, cut it, and use it to wire to other pcb’s… which I plan on doing, since it’s already soldered so nicely onto the board…

I was just wondering, if anyone had any good techniques as to removing the excess bulk around the stopper thing. It doesn’t have to be removed and look flawless, as I just need to remove enough to fit it into a Tech Flex.

Any ideas guys? Before I just go at it with a knife??

Here, circled in yellow, is what I’m talking about


And what about the one a couple inches up?


Looks like that strain relief is molded into the cable jacket. In case you can’t pull it out, you might have to nibble it off.


yeah… I just wanted to know if anyone had any good techniques for this. Such as an easy way to do it… I’m prepared to go at it with a shank

But I’m also concerned with the extruded piece a couple inches down the cord on most console controllers… on most xbox atleast…

There aren’t any special things in the second extrusion in the cord, are there?

edit: Master JDM? are you there?


Just cut the thing off, and peel back the existing jacket and prep your wires. A razor blade and some quality wire strippers are all you need.


Mission Successful.

That far black cord (that’s cut)… I can just ignore that one, right? Or did I make a serious booboo?


No, SGND doesn’t really do anything you need.


Thank you PaperTigre, I didn’t think I needed it, but better safe than sorry! :smiley:

Thankie Thankie!

Only stabbed myself once cutting that off!!