Removing scratches from white TE sides?


I tried searching but nothing I found had any real information, so I apologize if this has been asked and answered and I missed it.

I recently purchased a BlazBlue TE and the sides are more scratched than I’d like. I tried taking a picture and they don’t show up well on camera, but they’re not deep just numerous. Is there a way to remove the scratches without changing the look of the sides? My thought is to wet sand my way from 400 to 2000 grit, but I imagine that will remove the shine from the plastic. Also, I’d like to avoid painting them if I can.

Any plastic masters able to help me out here?


you can pick up some plastic polish either locally or order some of the plastic polish. Then get a dremel or a cheap knock-off one like I currently have $6 Harbor Freight and get dremel posh wheel and polish the scatches out

Or worst case scenario wet sand to scratches out with 2000 grit and spray clear enamel to bring back a gloss finish just don’t use lacquer gloss way too weak of a finish


Cool I’ll give it a try, I have a dremel already so that’s no issue. What brand of polish do you recommend? It looks like Novus (probably #2) is popular, but I’m not sure where to get it in Ontario. I’ll have a look around tomorrow unless someone knows a store offhand.


Check some windshield installers I have it sold there before, if not you can find plastic polish at auto part stores its really popular lately since a lot of people are having issues with plastic headlights yellowing


I was unable to find Novus, so I gave it a shot with PlastX. It worked nicely on the really really fine scratches, but I guess I’m working with scratches deeper than I thought…

In any case I’m going to abandon this attempt for now because I’m pretty sure I’ll ruin them if I sand them, and see if anyone is willing to sell me their white TE sides.