Removing SF4 SE Restrictor Plate

Hi, i just received my octagonal gate for my SF4 SE Stick, but i’m have trouble pushing in the tabs, and taking it out is it an easy method of doing this thing? I really don’t want to go about cutting it off when it not necessary. If i have to i will but these tabs aren’t pushing down for no reason at all i really need this gate for my main :(. help please ii appreciate it.

I don’t think there is an easy way, just push on them really hard. Or try pushing them down with the end of a screwdriver or something.

ah i didnt take the ball top off or anything am i suppose to do all that while taking them off.

Nope. Just pull it off.

You may want to invest in an authentic Sanwa joystick. It’ll be a whole lot easier to remove gates.

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